Altra Lone Peak 3.0 Mens Shoe-First Impressions

Discussion in 'Reviews & Previews' started by Tim Savage, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. Tim Savage

    Tim Savage Summit Camper

    Size 14 altra's
    Insert length 31cm
    My foot length (left foot which is my larger size) 29.5cm at the big toe. Given your foot size you look like your pretty close to my size.
  2. Alexey

    Alexey Day Walker

    Looks like we have a very different form of foot or different requirements for shoes. I can't wear even US13 in any shoes - it too loose and uncomfortable for me. My usual size is US12-12.5.
    Then my size in Altra mostly depends on the Altra's insole shape. If Altra's insole maximum length is opposite the big toe I need Altra shoes with 29.5cm insole and size US12.5. If Altra's insloles have a shape like Asics (maximum length is opposite the second toe) I think I need size US13.5 then.
  3. Tim Savage

    Tim Savage Summit Camper

    sorry only just realised that you had sent a follow up message. I have found that in the Ultra Lone Peaks 3.0 that I was a size 14 but the 3.5 and 4.0 models has pushed me up into a size 15. Some of our suppliers in Australia allow you to buy two pairs and return one which works really when when you aren't sure off sizing so check what you local suppliers do if purchasing online or buy in-store. i haven't tried the Asics so can talk too those. What I would say is that with the wide toe Box on the Altra's that while the length may be similar if you have a wide forefoot then the Altra;'s are excellent.


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