Sold As Tucas Millaris Bivy Sack (L/W Purple Full Netting)

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by humankeith, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. humankeith

    humankeith Summit Camper

    This is actually my favourite looking bit of kit - a really lovely shade of purple!

    I used this bivy under my MLD Duomid for 10 nights on Corsica's GR20. It's in immaculate condition, and if I wasn't selling my Duomid then I would not be selling.

    Most nights I slept in this without my sleeping bag (just my Rab Longjohns and Rohan Ultra Silver T). The material is nice against the skin.

    Really no complaints apart from now I'm doing more canoe/kayak/bike camping I am selling my Duomid and getting a Hilleberg freestanding set up.

    £200 posted
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  2. elPiablo

    elPiablo Trekker

    Somebody is getting a really nice set-up! :)

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