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Discussion in 'Gadgets & Tech' started by Fossil Bluff, Aug 2, 2020.

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    Heavens above, another camera. The Max has a ‘faceable’ camera. Although I’ve had it facing me, I can’t say I remember looking at it :D

    A New Outdoors Inspiration film production will be released later today:

    Dartmoor Wild Tor Wild Camp - Walking Through The Bronze Age. Will feature 360 footage along with ‘PetraCam’ ™️

    PetraCam ™️ is a new technology involving a GoPro surfboard mount, the dog’s pannier harness and good dollop of Araldite :thumbsup:

    *Outdoors Inspiration, leading the film industry with leading technology... errr and a bit of glue :D :D :D
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  4. Robin

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    All seems a bit too complicated for me but appreciate the effort you put in. At some stage one or two videos on your equipment, what you’ve learnt and how you put them together with tips for neophytes would be interesting.
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    Absolutely, it’s on my list, Robin :thumbsup:

    In truth, I didn’t think I could make YouTube film... I loathe technology :D I remember having to ask someone on the OM windy thread what BBC iPlayer was... the answer came “It’s like telly for you pooter, Bluff” :D
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    It would be interesting if anyone has experience of the various clones of GoPros. I thought about getting one to play about with video but got put off by the uncertainty over quality and the thought of the waste if I upgraded. I also considered getting an Olympus TG camera as an all weather camera and to take video. I could do video with my iPhone 11 or my Mk 1 Sony RX100. Every time I think about it, I end up taking stills instead. I take my hat off to many YouTubers who produce really good videos, especially when they set up shots of themselves walking by the camera.
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    :D The art of walking backwards and forwards, picking up cameras for the sole purpose of making people believe that you are credibly walking :D

    I’d like to know about some of the budget cameras too... I’ll have to have a search, somebody is bound to have made a YouTube about it :thumbsup: ... unless of course they filmed it on a budget camera and it didn’t work :snaphappy:
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  9. Robin

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    If you go on Amazon there’s a bewildering variety. It’s difficult to know whether to take the reviews serious as there have been issues with manipulation. That’s where buying a brand even if they are way more expensive gives a level of comfort. On the other hand you don’t want to spend a load of money on something you might not use very much. That’s why I was attracted to the Olympus TG as a waterproof stills and video camera. I always take a lot of stills on a hike. I’m not a photographer and taking a load of pictures means that at least some will be good.
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    Petracam is leading technology (pun intended). :hilarious:

    Seamus, you have competition. Summit or Nothing also has now a Dartmoor story time. It'll be head to head battle now.

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    I reckon it's HDMI port.
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    This guy
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    Thank you @Shewie - I’ve changed it to something a bit more recognisable :thumbsup:
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    I'm surprise you didn't call it:

    Ask Petra: YouTube Vlogging and Techy Stuff
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    I did now :D :D :D
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    I'm filming on a Sony definitely a budget camera. I can't afford the RX100 and honestly I can't do without a decent zoom as my camera needs to double as a proper stills camera too. It's not the greatest but it certainly isn't the worst and has some great options, but it is still budget and produces decent footage as can be seen here (can also do HD in 60fps but apparently my computer struggles with editing it):

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    60fps seems to be the ‘go to’ setting doesn’t it. I knew from the outset that my old iMac wouldn’t cope with this filming malarkey, my laptop was dying so I invested in a new MacBook Pro- Insoon found myself filling up the onboard storage so now dump everything to external drives.

    A short 5k 30fps 360 clip can take up half a gigabyte (whatever that is).
  19. Lempo

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    60fps is basically double the work of the more regular 30fps.
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  20. DuneElliot

    DuneElliot Section Hiker

    The thing is, after all the research I've done, videos I've watched, blogs I've read most of the advice is don't bother with 60fps unless you want to slow the footage down. This is advice coming from content creators with YEARS of experience and knowledge in the field of videography and photography beyond their channels
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  21. Lempo

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    For slo-mos, 60-240fps are good, but for smoother video 60fps is good. It's like a cheat/cheap 4k version but uses less resources than 4k. It's great for quick movement etc, and when people do a quick sweep of the scenery on 30fps and then upload it to YouTube (and YT compresses it with their own algorithm), you sometimes get the jittery movement or more pixelation than with 60fps. It's all about personal choices, but better the source quality, better the output.
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  22. Fossil Bluff

    Fossil Bluff Section Hiker

    In fairness, you were able to spot 24fps in one of my YT films... so it must be noticeable.

    As you know, I recently experimented with 24, 30 and 60 (at various resolution) - You and I came up with the same conclusions independently - A higher frame rate is certainly smoother.

    I know absolutely nothing, but the proof of the pudding...
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  23. DuneElliot

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    Definitely smoother but really only noticeable when moving fast...which I seem to remember Lempo's comment being on in your first video when you were running. It is less cinematic and more "real"...the difference between a movie filmed at 24fps and a soap being filmed at 30fps or sports at 60fps.

    In the end fps doesn't really matter too much; it's creating good content that matters more...and so far you're doing a good job of that :)
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  24. Fossil Bluff

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    You’re very kind :) Thank you...

    I did a test on the 360 camera between 5.6k at 24fps and 5.6k at 30fps - this was a slow panoramic sweep while stood on a rock. I also filmed it at 3K 60fps.

    The difference was obvious to me, but then I was looking for it. If I had one choice only then I would have never have noticed.

    The 60fps was very smooth but didn’t have a a hope in terms of resolution with the other two filmed at 5.6K

    There was a noticeable difference between 24 and 30 - I was viewing on a 13” MacBook Pro Retina. I shared it with @Lempo who has a 60” TV - I’m sure the difference must have been even more obvious.

    I think there are two factors:

    1. This is just me, a know-nothing, fiddling about and making comparisons that wouldn’t normally be made.

    2. How the media is viewed. Many YT viewers are watching on phones and tablets where, as you say, content is what they want - and granular detail is lost within a smaller viewing platform anyway.

    That’s just my layman’s views. However, if video content is intended for continued viewing, that is to say over a few years, then I want to ‘future-proof’ my content as much as I can, because the ‘viewing technology’ will change rapidly and become more sophisticated and detailed.
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  25. Davy

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    24fps 4k here on 3 cameras - one or two sweeps are a bit jumpy but that is also due to them being speeded up so unlikely to be due to the original sweep.

    Really impressed with the Hero 8.

    I'm finding colour correction and export settings have as much effect on the finished output as anything.

    Proxy files mean that my old mid range PC can cope with the 4k footage until I get to colour correction and then it starts to struggle to play the previews, still learning loads about Premier Pro.
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