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  1. Robert P

    Robert P Section Hiker

    My Atom+ does have a bit of water ingress in very wet weather (I think mainly from the bottom of the pack resting on saturated ground). The seams are not sealed so this is to be expected and I always use a plastic pack liner (from @paul at Treadlite gear)
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  2. turkeyphant

    turkeyphant Trail Blazer

    Those look great too, hope they fit the shape of the Atom+. But I would still be very interested in hearing from anyone who's tried the Atompacks DCF ones (especially if they also have a comparison to Treadlite).
  3. Dave V

    Dave V Moderator Staff Member

    I thought about getting a DCF pack liner a while back but decided against it due to the cost and fitment for multiple packs.

    I’ve been using the same rubble sack since Feb 2019 in multiple packs of all shapes and sizes. The neck is showing signs of stretching but no holes or leakage.
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  4. turkeyphant

    turkeyphant Trail Blazer

    Did anyone get a pack with magnetic closure instead of snaps or zip?
  5. Micksjoiner

    Micksjoiner Trail Blazer

    Has atom packs stopped offering dcf option in packs?
  6. Ben

    Ben Trail Blazer

    @Micksjoiner I know Tom is struggling to get hold of DCF. I originally ordered a black DCF pack but have ended up going for an all white DCF pack.
  7. Enzo

    Enzo Thru Hiker

    Ex Tex only had white 170g DCF for ages, I relented and bought some when I wanted black. Two days later they got black in lol!
    No 50g/m though.....
  8. Gabrill

    Gabrill Hiker

    Hello all!

    Trying to decide between an Atom+ /Mo 40L vs 50L.

    For info, my UK 3-Season base weight is under 5kg (excluding pack). I've been using the DEUTER Futura 32 AC since 2011, and it's proved reliable and sufficient for 3-5 day hiking trips.

    I’ll mostly be doing 3 season trips in the UK/Europe over the next couple of years. Planning the tour du Mont Blanc and west highland way this year and working towards the mountain leader qualification. I'd like some flexibility in capacity to be able to pack extra gear/food/water if necessary for longer trips or no resupply.

    I'd like to customise with:
    • Y Strap
    • Shoulder pockets on both
    • Bottom pocket

    Would appreciate your thoughts :)
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  9. edh

    edh Thru Hiker

    I've got the Y strap, like it.
    I'd leave off shoulder pockets (fixed) so you could mix and match other stuff as you need to (I swap between various Tread-lite pouches and accessories) - increases flexibility.
    Bottom pockets seem like a dumb idea (for me).
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  10. Gabrill

    Gabrill Hiker

    Thanks for your thoughts edh! Any advice on the Atom+ /Mo 40L vs 50L?
  11. The Cumbrian

    The Cumbrian Ultralighter

    The bottom pocket on mine is a good fit for an OS map, and easily accessible.
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  12. simplerandomwalk

    simplerandomwalk Trail Blazer

    I got an Atom+ with your exact customisations and love it! Bottom pocket totally worth it for me..
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  13. edh

    edh Thru Hiker

    My Atom was a custom one, so? It's about 40l.

    Oh, and load lifters are a must on a pack for me...

    Three season 40l fine for me with 5 days food.

    I used a 32 litre pack on the TMB.

    I'd imagine ML courses would have you carrying extra 'stuff' - plenty on here who can chip in on that?
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  14. Robert P

    Robert P Section Hiker

    I've a 40l Atom+ with Y strap, 2 shoulder pockets, no bottom pocket, and a carbon-framed Mo 60 with the same
    I really like the Y strap, and the shoulder pockets work really well for me (so much I don't bother with hip belt pockets on these packs). If you have specific carrying requirements or want more flexibility as @edh suggests then give them a miss (but worth checking what attachment points there are on the Atom+)
    At least in the UK, when often you are likely to be placing the pack on wet / muddy ground, I'm not convinced of the benefit of a bottom pocket, but I've not actually tried one
    The weight penalty of the 50 vs 40 won't be much so if you want 1 pack to cover your needs it might make sense to go with the 50, but that really depends on your gear and preferences. I find that for much of the year 40l is perfect, and I don't think it is a 'big' 40 litres. I don't like the hassle of really compressing sleeping bags small etc and prefer to pack in a slightly more relaxed style so I do like the extra space of the Mo 60 with bigger loads - even then if I really tried I could probably cram my loads in the Atom+.
  15. Gabrill

    Gabrill Hiker

    Thanks @edh that’s good to know. I was considering load lifters as I liked being able to sinch the pack on my deuter.

    Yes with ML you’re expected to carry extra gear such as first aid or emergency shelter, but can share this between the group. So could estimate max 3L extra capacity needed for those trips.
  16. Gabrill

    Gabrill Hiker

    Awesome thanks @Robert P! Great to hear the Y strap and shoulder pockets were a good choice for you. I agree re waist belt pockets! Usually find I don’t use them as they’re so far to the side of my waist I prefer using a bum bag as easily accessible and can keep valuables close.

    Thanks for your thoughts on 40 vs 50 looks like there’s only 1/2 inch difference in the pack size to go 50.

    Of course, I’d love to have the option of both a 40 and 60 maybe one day...
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  17. dovidola

    dovidola Thru Hiker

    I've been eying up an Atom+ for a while, but I couldn't find a Load Lifter option on the website - did I miss it Ed?
  18. edh

    edh Thru Hiker

    Custom order as above.
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  19. simplerandomwalk

    simplerandomwalk Trail Blazer

    Forgot that I had these added as well, also find them valuable..
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  20. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

    My pack is an early one (#34 or #36 iirc) from when you could have literally anything if he could make it. and has y strap, bullet mesh front pockets, carbon/delrin hoop frame, stretch chest strap pockets, stretch bottom pocket. Hipbelt pockets, load lifters.
    Circa 50L in LS21.

    The one thing I would definitely stress on ordering is how you want the side pockets to be as Tom's style is quite tapered and they narrow at the bottom.
    I had to ask for flat bottomed 'bucket pockets' to ensure I could get my tent in the side or my cook kit etc. So think about how you like to use your pockets and make sure they will be a shape that allows it.
    Otherwise a well filled pack will steal space from them.

    I like the bottom pocket for litter. It's secure and easy to empty if you pass a bin without taking your pack off (yes I know bin=civilization=pub stop/tearoom)
    I tried using it for snacks but ended up preferring the hipbelt pockets.

    The stretch shoulder pockets are not much use in the rain. Better to have a weatherproof option or ability to swap. While they grip a phone well, they are not quite tall enough for my glasses so if you want them, think about the size of what you will put in them.
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  21. Swayndo

    Swayndo Summit Camper

    I've been deliberating a summer fast overnighter pack for months now. Custom Atom with straight bullet mesh and a removable webbing belt is where I'm at but I keep getting stuck on 35 vs 40 and the fabric/colour. I'm probably close to a 35l in purple decision.
  22. Foxster

    Foxster Section Hiker

    My 2C on this is that it's better to have a slightly too big bag than too small.

    Stuff "grows" during a trip. So if you cram a 35L bag before setting out, you might need 40L the next day.

    With roll-top bags like Atoms, if you have a bit of spare room then you just add an extra fold into the top. It doesn't alter the feel of bag. And the difference in weight between a 35L and 40L is going to be pretty small as its just a inch or so of extra material.

    Of course, the temptation can then be to stuff in a few extras if you have the room :o o:
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  23. Charlie83

    Charlie83 Section Hiker

    I didn't bother with shoulder pouches, as like edh I like to mix and match or go without

    I couldn't live without hip belt pouches, my whole day is in them, snacks, rasp drink powder in right. Head torch, mitts, beanie, mini multi tool, midgie or sun cream etc left (regimented :D) mine are from tredlite as they weren't added on due to "miscommunication issue" but the TL ones are a great size and I'm now glad of the error

    Bottom pouch, thought about it, decided theres nae need and never missed it

    Load lifters, my bags a 50 so I wanted lifters, at that time I thought they were a necessity for me, changed my opinion since moving to the GG gorilla 40, although if I went bigger, I'd probably choose lifters again.

    I got my side pockets shaped (bellowed?), as in not flush against the bag with a drawstring faster (which I rarely use) I prefer the bellowed for looks and ease of getting a bottle in/out.

    Top strap, think mine is a single, its that long since I've used the bag I cant remember, not something I had an opinion either way.

    Made from the lightest/thinnest xpac stuff, again can't remember the tech name, it could do with a drain hole tbh as I've had it puddle up a few times
  24. Robert P

    Robert P Section Hiker

    In praise of shoulder pockets on Atom packs...
    They clearly don't protect items from water and if you want additional flexibility then its not the way to go.
    However, for their use case I think they are peerless and I've really come to enjoy that they:
    - provide easy almost instant access without need for a zip for things I need a lot, eg GPS, phone
    - are secure - things don't fall out
    - have a low profile and are integral to the shoulder strap, so no flapping about of contents
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  25. Franky

    Franky Ultralighter

    Totally agree with Robert on the shoulder strap pockets. Chose this option on all my Atom Packs, shamelessly 3!!!!

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