Backpacking Wyoming's Wind River Range, August 2018

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    After a very successful backpacking trip to the southern half of the Wind River Range in 2017 with a couple of members from (trip report for that trip can be found here) I wanted to do another trip in the northern half of the range to see Titcomb Basin and Green River (Squaretop Mtn). This time one of the original guys was not able to make it but Jerry made a last minute decision to join me, along with Colby (also from WhiteBlaze) and a member of HammockForums.

    It was another absolutely amazing trip and now that all three parts are up I am posting it here:


    [​IMG]DSC01151 by Dune Elliot, on Flickr

    Day 1
    We started pretty slow this morning as we all stayed up too late and enjoyed a few beers but we did manage to make it out of Elk Hart Park by 9:30.
    From left to right: Jerry, me, Colby and Dave
    For 3 miles the trail wound down through the pines with some great views to the north. I lead for a while as we climbed down into the valley. In planning this route I knew we had a decent climb ahead but apparently I had missed the steep descent beforehand and by the time we reached the lake and then the creek after a few miles my legs were like jelly and were visibly shaking with the exertion. On the way down we passed a couple from Rochester NY coming up which was crazy as Jerry lives about hour from there.
    We grabbed a bite to eat Upper Long Lake and took some pictures before crossing a nice bridge over Pine Creek. The sign mentioned the trail was technically abandoned, was not suitable for pack stock and was not maintained. A lot of blow down trees confirmed this.

    Part 1 continues here: https://nomadicpawprints.wordpress.c...t-2018-part-1/

    Part 2: https://nomadicpawprints.wordpress.c...t-2018-part-2/

    Part 3: https://nomadicpawprints.wordpress.c...t-2018-part-3/
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  2. Robin

    Robin Thru Hiker

    Wonderful scenery. Great trip for your last one before your move back to England.
  3. DuneElliot

    DuneElliot Section Hiker

    I haven't been anywhere prettier yet. It was amazing. I already miss it.
  4. ClimbingUke

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    Stunning scenery and nice trip report! Enjoyed reading it. Funny that I just saw the film "Wind River" (2017) yesterday. Hadn't heard about this range before.
  5. maddogs

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    great trip! best mountain range in the US?
  6. DuneElliot

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    Thanks. It is a some-what known range in the US but most outside of the country don't know of it.

    I haven't seen them all, and it depends on what you define by "best" but the Winds are definitely top of my list. It is comparable to the Sierra Nevada range in picture-esqueness but I have talked to several people who have been to both who prefer the Winds. It is a much wilder and more remote range due to being in Wyoming vs California, albeit smaller, and you would see a lot less people. My favorite range is the Bighorn Mountains, which are also stunning but aren't as impressive, although still rugged, and cover a much smaller area...I used to lived there for 8 years so they are a favorite for being familiar and unknown by outsiders.
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  7. edh

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    Having been to both....I prefer the Winds.
    Must get back there....I fancy a 3x8 dayish hike resupplying every 8 or so days (dream on!).
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  8. DuneElliot

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    From an outside perspective I agree with you...the Bighorns were just home for me so had that safe familiarity of a favored meal or cup of tea.

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