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    1 ltr bottle £4 at Blacks, 40p off with appropriate mem cards. Cheapest I've found so far.
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    Thanks for that, will have a look. Recently decided to move from gas so not done a lot of searching for best prices online.
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    I've got my last couple of litres of the purple stuff to get through, then it's going to be Ekofuel direct for me. I tried a (overpriced camping shop) 1L bottle of bioethanol a while ago and found it performed pretty much the same as conventional meths but seemed a bit cleaner.
    @Mole the Ekofuel site separates their product into use for domestic heating, marine, and outdoors (even though the second two categories are not currently stocked). I've long suspected that it's actually all the same stuff just labelled/priced differently. Do you think there's any difference?
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    No :)
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