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Discussion in 'Gear Chat' started by DuneElliot, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. DuneElliot

    DuneElliot Ultralighter

    I had a pair of the above poles that I loved and then they got destroyed by a friend on the Wind River High Route. I now hve to replace them. I had the original version in red but see they now come in women's a pretty teal color and offering a slightly shorter length.

    Other than the length and a slight weight reduction are there any differences. And would the length at max (125cm) be structurally suitable/strong for my Stratospire Li?
  2. FOX160

    FOX160 Thru Hiker

    Maybe wise to check the height of the handle including the grip and the thickness of the handle too.
    Looking at the Tarptent optional poles these support more height/shape of the tent and not the structure, the fabric takes the wind and the pegs hold the tent in place and the little carbon rods support the fabric if snow is on the tent.
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  3. cathyjc

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    My Notch (sinylon) pitches at around 120cms - if wanted to pitch higher for ventilation etc. you've not got much to play with.
    And 125cm is much too short for most of the Mids I've heard about - you may someday want to change tents.
    If you are planning on poles to pitch your shelter I'd suggest buying 'long' ~ 135 to 140 cms.
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  4. Clare

    Clare Thru Hiker

    I wouldn’t particularly want those angled handles for pitching a tent but then presumably your previous set of poles were the same and you used them with your Duplex without it being an issue?

    I know some people here use pacer poles with their tents, but is the angled handle at the top or the bottom?

    125 is the recommended height for our tent. As you can see from the pic I posted that takes the fly fairly close to the ground. “If” you wanted more gap then obviously you couldn’t.

    Following advice from various people on here when I had a saggy Notch, it’s useful to be able to raise the tent from the inside by extending the pole a little, to get more tension. That may not be an issue with the dcf tent, although I did actually do that on my first pitch in the pictures. Would be useful on uneven ground I guess.

    The fizan compacts 3 weigh a lot less and go to 132 but aren’t flick lock, if that matters to you.
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  5. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    I've used Pacers in various shelters, handles up in the Trailstar, it's not pretty but they do the job

    You could carry short pole jacks (MLD style) to slip onto the tips?
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  6. Mole

    Mole Thru Hiker

    Tarptents are designed/ work better pole tips upwards so handle angle not a big issue if used that way.

    But I think I'd want the ability to extend to135cm if our Strat 2 anything to go by. Gives options to get a good pitch on unlevel ground.
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  7. DuneElliot

    DuneElliot Ultralighter

    I believe I went to 122cm (48") on my Duplex (and they worked handle up just fine...the angle isn't too bad and much less than pacer poles) and the Li requires a height of 45" (114cm). I was not concerned that they were too short but that if fully extended to max height they wouldn't flex at weak points (I'm guessing not as if someone needs them at 125cm they would need to be just as strong as at 110cm).

    Sag is not an issue with DCF so also not worried about that in regards to lengthening the poles.

    The grip is something worth checking as I wouldn't want that to be smaller.
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  8. Clare

    Clare Thru Hiker

    No the Li requires 125cm not 114. Look at the set up sheet. The height of the fly itself is 119cm.
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  9. Mole

    Mole Thru Hiker

    Having camped with a few DCF shelters.
    I still think they need the ability to lengthen the pole beyond nominal to accommodate terrain where the pitch level drops away on one side. It's not all dead level out there.

    Last weekend was with a friend who was using a Tramplite. (DCF) . At nominal pole height, the back corner seam was way too curved and massively reduced space inside. Due to ground dropping away slightly. Raising the pole a few inches 5-8cm and lengthening corner guy and readjusting peg sorted it.
    ( Pic here of good pitch. Can't upload at moment.

    I've tried pole handle up on the Strat and Notch. Meh. Because it's a corner not a peak I find the handles can move about somewhat. I find I get a better more solid pitch tips up, secure in the grommet. As designed.
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  10. DuneElliot

    DuneElliot Ultralighter

    From the website:
    • Interior Height: 45 in / 115 cm
    • Floor Width: 45 in / 114 cm
    • Floor Length: 86 in / 218 cm
    I was going on these specs for the height of the poles as that is how the Duplex explains it. I missed that this is not the height of the poles needed.

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