Britains Wildest weather 2015...Sunday December 13th,Channel 4,7.30pm.

Discussion in 'Meteo & Astro' started by Diddi, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. Diddi

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    Britain's Wildest Weather TX card.jpg
    Had contact from the producer of Raw as I did have some footage they were going to use in their episode but because of the recent floods across the UK they have dropped my bit and are covering the recent disasters in the Lakes etc.
    So Just a heads up if you are interested in the recent bad weather damage.
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  2. Diddi

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    Dont forget folks.
  3. Creamy

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    Thanks. Decent!
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  4. craige

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    Thanks, I recorded it and forgot to post after setting. Hopefully get some time to watch it tomorrow night.
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