Central zip backpack

Discussion in 'Packs & Accessories' started by slovhike, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. slovhike

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  2. Chiseller

    Chiseller Thru Hiker

    I'd say , why have something that , if it failed, could be catastrophic?
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  3. fluffkitten

    fluffkitten Thru Hiker

    Looks like a hitech Terra Nova Laser 25.
  4. Mole

    Mole Thru Hiker

    Karrimor did it 40 years ago with the Dougal Haston Alpiniste mountaineering pack. Velcro flap.

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  5. Chiseller

    Chiseller Thru Hiker

    @Mole Now that's a nice bit of vintage :rolleyes: :thumbsup:
  6. Chiseller

    Chiseller Thru Hiker

    I really like.that for some strange reason ....
  7. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

    I had it on the haglofs lim strive 50 and it worked very well. No concerns about durability but then I don't spend my days hurling my packs from cliff tops, YMMV.

    I also managed to rig up a compression panel/stretch mesh pocket using side release LL3's so I could have both from zip and front pocket.

    Overall a brilliant pack, I should have kept it.

  8. Nevis

    Nevis Section Hiker

    i have the laser elite with that kind of zip, it failed after less than a dozen day trips!! was a right pain as had to restring all the shock cord to a position that would keep everything in while i was away in the Canaries two weeks ago. it’s gone back to the supplier for a replacement pack.
  9. Gadget

    Gadget Thru Hiker

    What are the advantages?
  10. ColinHawke

    ColinHawke Ultralighter

    I quite like them for alpine mountaineering. I’ve got one by a French climbing equipment manufacturer called Millet from their old “Expedition Project” range. Again flap (which can ice up ..)

  11. Teepee

    Teepee Thru Hiker

    Having a second opening is quite handy for a few reasons, especiialy alpine For my use, it's advantagous to have quick access to the safety gear that's hardly ever used, but is ideally accessible without emptying pack contents to reach; rope, group FAK, spare hat/gloves.

    Nice to be able to pull out a sleeping bag to air too...a bit of moisture in a quilt/bag/down jacket can be quickly accessed at short breaks to dry out in the sun.
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  12. oreocereus

    oreocereus Ultralighter

    The accessibility and ease of packing they provide seems great (actually I used to have a panel loader as a first pack), but huge failure liability.

    Ultimately becoming more streamlined in my kit and more methodical in my packing has mostly made the need redundant. Would only slightly speed things up when packing up camp in the morn.
  13. mattias

    mattias Day Walker

    I had a Bergans pack with a central zip once. Never used the zip, even when not using a pack liner, so for me it was just added weight. I tend to keep my gear in a plastic packliner anyway so being able to open the side doesn't have much value for me :)
  14. Mole

    Mole Thru Hiker

    I had a similar j zip on an Osprey I had for a while. I found it useful for stashing waterproofs between the liner and the pack. Saved undoing the lid. Similar way I use a mesh pocket really but for foul weather.
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