Cumulus 150 or 250 to go with my 350?

Discussion in 'Sleeping Bags & Quilts' started by Helen E, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. paul

    paul Thru Hiker

    The 250 is a very flexible quilt. I use it for almost everything and only revert to my winter quilt below zero. Good buy i reckon
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  2. ZenTrekker

    ZenTrekker Ultralighter

    For colder temperatures I use the Magic 125 (zip less) as a liner with the Cumulus 350 quilt. I don't find it restrictive because it has no hood but I can understand that it sort of defeats the object of going down the quilt route.

    Having said that its pretty easy to get in/out of the Magic 125 and I just pull the Quilt 350 over the top, so I still have the option of temperature control, which is one of the benefits of quilt use.
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  3. Helen E

    Helen E Trekker

    Thanks, @paul - that's nice to know. Still very chuffed btw with the zip pouch you kindly created for my pocket stove. Will be in touch soonish for some pack liners and maybe one of those dinky new first aid bags, though it's about time I stopped spending money :eek:

    Thanks, too, @ZenTrekker - that's helpful - all the cumulus stuff is very tempting, isn't it?! My plan now is to get out into the field (or marsh, or moor, or beach) and try the kit I've bought. If I'm still cold and draughty then come next autumn the Magic would be an option so it's good to hear you don't find it restrictive. I'm new to all this so I think I need to clock up some hours with the existing kit. At the moment I feel I'm one of those all-the-gear-and-no-idea people :rolleyes:
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