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Discussion in 'Shopping' started by Meadows, Nov 7, 2018.

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    Not industry leading specs at 850 fp. The leading companies use 1000 fp these days. If I was unfair I'd say 850 is closer to my 750fp me smock that's 20 years old and was the same spec as the same model when it came out 10+ years before that.

    Why not be honest by saying it's to typical industry specs but we're supplying it with a social conscience that you're really paying for. Retail with charity. That might be a draw not necessarily the specs. Although I could be wrong.

    Market leading IMHO is PHD products.
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    And just like PHD products there's no mention of fill weight. Looks quite a nice jacket, with all those features though I don't think there'll be much down in it for 350g, or wether they use EU or US down standards.
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    I'm ambivalent on the fill power of down in jackets. While high fill power allows a jacket to be equally warm at a lower weight in theory, higher fill power will also suffer more from fill compression in wind etc, and at the lighter end of the jacket range for a jacket with 100g of 850 fill the weight saving of 1000FP will be a mere 15g. That said, if anyone wants to buy me Rab Infinity G, I take a size M.
    I've never bought a PHD jacket because they don't state the fill weight. And that's the only reason - nothing to do with price, honestly.
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    Yes i noticed no fill weights. Nice long cut though...oh, no dimensions either.

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