Evernew EBY 012 instep crampons

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    Used my Evernew EBY 012 instep crampons for most of the past week whenever I wasn't using snowshoes and they were definitely worth their weight in stainless steel (212 gr a pair or roughly twice the titanium equivalents from Ruta Locura).


    These are meant for use on summer snow and neves but they performed fine during an admittedly warmer-than-usual winter. The straps are simple to adjust, fast to put on or off and solid. There is no plastic whatsoever, just sturdy rubber straps with ridges that make precise adjustments possible and steel hooks.

    The crampons need a modicum of heel to lock under the boot but they worked well with Salomon X-Ultra 3D mids which really have very little. One of their strengths is that you have six points (well, five really) instead of the more usual four lateral points only.


    These are long enough (19mm) that your boot is going nowhere once they bite in, although that means that they are definitely not for mixed ground. The only issue was snow balling up after prolonged use. This wasn't difficult to clear but I'll be cutting up some plastic to add anti-balling plates. Evernew also has more elaborate versions with plates but these are heavier and more expensive.

    Speaking of price, this is one of their major advantages: they cost a little less than £15! The downside is that they are not distributed in Europe so you have to buy them in a brick and mortar shop in Asia or order from Japan (which still works out at a fraction of Ti ones).
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    Now with anti-balling plates, courtesy of a discarded industrial-size jug of hair conditioner and a few zip ties. Duct tape would probably work just as well...

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