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  1. A.B.Rode

    A.B.Rode Summit Camper

    As new Scarp 1+ crossing poles..Seam sealed by Tarptent...I bought this new from Tarptent and it has never been used..Only pitched twice..Once to check it over and once to take these pics...Asking £300...No low offers please...Ps would prefer if the buyer could collect...Or UK postage only..

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  2. jinch

    jinch Ultralighter

    Is this the updated version (2016?), A.B.?
  3. A.B.Rode

    A.B.Rode Summit Camper

    Yep..New version...2018
  4. A.B.Rode

    A.B.Rode Summit Camper

    Ps I put longer guy lines on it as i thought the supplied lines were too short also added lines to the pole sleeve as it comes without any..
  5. Piiber Teravhammas

    Piiber Teravhammas Trail Blazer

    Does anybody have experience fitting 2 people inside?
  6. Mole

    Mole Thru Hiker

    Yes. With my 2010 version. And my partner @Fair Weather Camper .
    It's doable with 2 standard width (50cm) mats. You have to disconnect the edge inner roof toggles each side. It's cosy, but ok compared to what mountain marathon duos put up with. Wouldn't want to do many nights in winter like it! Though did manage to cook on gas in a storm with outer closed up.
    Also lent it to our Explorer Scouts for a 100km overnight event - 2 teenage boys were happy enough.
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  7. Nevis

    Nevis Section Hiker

    Been two's up with the GF in the updated Scarp 1 and its snug but easily manageable, only down side is you loose a good bit of porch area.
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  8. Fair Weather Camper

    Fair Weather Camper Thru Hiker

    Yes, that was a wild old night ... :geek:

    The weather was quite fierce too :rolleyeses:

    The two porches, and the corner upstands makes the width constriction bearable.

    But as he says you wouldn't want to do too many nights a deux.

    Unless you're in the first flush ; etc etc..:shy:

    Super-roomy for one on longer trips, though, and its always nice to be able to offer emergency accommodation if a fellow camper finds themselves with defective shelter in a tempest :angelic:
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  9. dovidola

    dovidola Section Hiker

    Whereabouts would collection be from?
    And what's it's seam-sealing status please?
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  10. A.B.Rode

    A.B.Rode Summit Camper

    Oops I should have mentioned my location...North East..(Tyne and Wear)....
  11. jinch

    jinch Ultralighter

    Me too. Where are you mate?
  12. A.B.Rode

    A.B.Rode Summit Camper

    Hi Jinch...Sunderland....
  13. Rollingontwowheels

    Rollingontwowheels Day Walker

    Is this still available? Im based in the Lakes but would happily pay postage. Cheers

  14. jinch

    jinch Ultralighter

    Nice one. I’m from Chester-le-Street.
  15. A.B.Rode

    A.B.Rode Summit Camper

    Not far from me then...
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