Going to the Lake District for the first time

Discussion in 'Places & Planning' started by thewonderingdog, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. thewonderingdog

    thewonderingdog Day Walker

    Hi all,

    Long time reader and first time poster.

    I'm off to the Lake District next week for the first time and taking my little dog and 10 month old son. I have a baby carrier and I plan to go walking in the wilderness but also keep.

    I will be staying in Windermere.

    Where do you recommend? I prefer to stay away from the busy places.

    I went to the Peak District last year I picked my walks from https://www.walkingenglishman.com.

    Thanks for your help.
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  2. Baldy

    Baldy Thru Hiker

  3. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker

    Grizedale Forest Park parking at Grizedale would be your best bet.

    You could try parking at Tarn Hows carpark -> The Tarns -> Black Crag would be okay if weathers good and carrier has a suitable rain hood.

    Maybe some of the small hills and wooded areas on the west side of Windermere near Far Sawrey?

    With a 10month old in a baby carrier i would stick to low level and Lakeside walks. A lot of the lakes and tarns have decent paths around them.
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  4. Robin

    Robin Thru Hiker

    The Kentmere valley is another place for a potter. Unlikely to be crowded.
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  5. Slowcoach

    Slowcoach Summit Camper

    The Borrowdale Valley gives a number of options for scenic intersting lower level walks, also a walk from Keswick around Derwentwater.
  6. Diddi

    Diddi Thru Hiker

    Grassmere area and Rydal water or Rydal Hall and valley for a gentle stroll.
    Please remember a non active child in a carrier will get cold very quick if the weathers not so good as apposed to you keeping warm walking.
    Most of all have fun and be safe :)...
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  7. Fair Weather Camper

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    If you're determined to do something more challenging, then you should definitely have at least one other able adult with you, just in case...

    I walked hundreds of miles solo with my kids on my back, but that was at a lower level, where conditions were kinder, and chance of help happening along would have been far greater..

    Even as the lactating mother, I wouldn't have taken those helpless scraps of humanity into the wilds, without some company.

    They both came wildcamping from 3 months onwards - but again i wouldn't have undertaken such an escapade by myself.

    Oh and take a brolly for nappy changes too:angelic:
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  8. Dirty Boots

    Dirty Boots Summit Camper

    For easy, accessible, child friendly (but not quiet) walks White Moss was a good starting point for us. Hop on the bus or short drive from Windermere. Walk through the woods, by a stream, along the lake. End up in Grasmere for tea and cake.

    very good paths in the main. Handy if youve a child on your back, learning to toddle or even in a buggy.

    Toilets at the car park too.
  9. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker

    Could also try driving up through Patterdale to Glenridding, ferry to Howtown then do Hallin Fell (great views). Ferry return or walk the lake edge, a few miles back.

    Aira force on the other side is okay but more touristry, nowhere should be that busy next week as i think all the Easter hols are over and the schools are back.
  10. dovidola

    dovidola Section Hiker

    Loughrigg Fell is OK too. In nice conditions with dry conditions underfoot you can even get a suitable pushchair to the top via the main paths.
  11. Stuart

    Stuart Ultralighter

    There are walks directly north from Ambleside eg to Low Sweden Bridge and back in a circuit.

    Plus one for Loughrigg Terrace, Grasmere and the Ullswater ferry (Howtown).

    It will be pretty quiet in the Lakes as the schools are now back.

    If you fancy a bit of a drive, Buttermere is dramatic, you can do a circuit of the lake and there are pubs and a cafe.
  12. thewonderingdog

    thewonderingdog Day Walker

    Thank you to everyone who replied. We had a great weekend and managed a couple of long walks around Langdale which was beautiful. I had a print out of everyone’s suggestions and it became very clear that I will be visiting the Lakes again soon.
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  13. jack

    jack Backpacker

    Hello all

    Not sure who to ask about this to be honest.
    Im looking for a website that will allow me to take trail maps for mountains in the lake district so that I can print them for FREE and laminate them myself. Not sure if anyone knows a site that this can be done on.

    Any help would be great.
    Thank you
  14. Tartanferret

    Tartanferret Section Hiker

    Never used it myself but i bookmarked it many years ago

    Edit: already got the answer on another thread
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