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    Hello my name is Graeme I am 73 years young and me and my pal walk most Friday in and around the East Midlands, I like a drop of red wine and real ale especially after a walk! We walk about nine / ten miles in the Peak District, Rutland, Leicestershire, National Forest and I am starting to run out of new walks! In recent years we have undertaken long distance walks every September, we have completed Hadrian Wall, Great Glen, The Ridgeway and West Highland Way. Whilst I enjoy my walking I really like researching, planning and plotting all my walks (especially the long distance walks)
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    Welcome to the forum Graeme :)
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    Ayup and welcome
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    Welcome to the forum, you'll have to post some pictures of your longer walks, as well as the day trips :)
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    Welcome Graeme :)
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    Hi Graeme from Ralph in Nottingham
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    Hello and welcome to the Forum. :)

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