HMG Ultamid 2 (with inner) or Zpacks Duplex

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  1. Hello,

    I am new to this forums and I hope You don't mind me just hopping in and creating a new thread.

    I am in a need for another shelter. It has to be a 2 person shelter as my SMD Lunar Solo is bit tight for two. Yes, you can sleep two in SMD Lunar Solo but it might be a bad idea when the weather is bad.

    For background information:
    I will be using the shelter mostly alone all year round in Estonia (mostly weekend trips). Also some bikepacking when there is no snow. Bug net and floor is requiered if I have girlfriend with me (I cant stand mosquitoes and midges, she also has a mild arachnophobia). I can go without floor when it is cold and and not too wet.
    Also, the shelter has to peform pretty well in Northern Scandinavia.

    I have been using SMD Lunar Solo since spring of 2016 and I am really happy with. I have used it all year round. Have not had serious storm experience yet but it has endured some snow and allnight rain. The only flaw is that I have spent some time trying to pitch it in deep marsh with knee high wild rosemary or reed infested lakeside with ice and powder snow.

    Currently I have 2 options and I can not make the final decision. Anyway, I have figured out this so far (I have left out the weight of stakes etc):

    Zpacks Duplex with Flex poles option
    Weight: 623g (camo for stealth camping)
    Weight with poles: 935g (good for bikebacking and might bring them along when I know it might be hard to pitch (frozen lake etc).

    • Weight
    • Has "vestibule"
    • With poles "freestanding"
    • Not really sure about performance in winter

    HMG Ultamid with cuben floor inner
    Weight: 534g without inner, 1155g with inner

    • More weatherproof
    • Lighter for winter
    • More options (inner without floor, inner for one person etc)
    • Heavier with inner
    • Price
    • With inner, there is no covered area for wet weather cooking
    What do You think?
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  2. gixer

    gixer Thru Hiker

    Haven't used or even seen a Ultramid but i wouldn't want to use my Duplex in winter in Estonia
  3. craige

    craige Thru Hiker

    I'm in the same boat as gixer. Wouldn't want to use a duplex in winter or northern scandi with strong winds. If you like the design of the tent you could look at the trekkertent drift 2. Have you looked at Locus Gear pyramids? They have various pyramid tents and I'm sure there will be one that would work and have space for cooking. They also have many different inners for each one, the list available from them on request.
  4. paul

    paul Thru Hiker

    With all the Lavvu at camping areas i regretted even taking a tent to Estonia :D

    we used lightweight tipi or mid style shelters on the snow in winter without any dramas. Id probably lean towards the ultamid or khafra for the extra room in winter.
  5. I am also thinking about Mld Duomid Xl with cuben inner.

    BTW, Estonia is not really that bad with weather, our winters can be cold but it is not that windy as in true North. As I mentioned before I have done fine with my SMD Lunar Solo (love that tent actually).
    Ofcourse I wouldn't go to Sarek with Lunar Solo or Duplex during winter.

    At the moment I have these options:
    Order MLD or Locus gear today and hope that by some miracle they will be here on the second half of July.
    Order Duplex and it will probably be here by the mid of July. (it has been proven ok in Northen Scandinavia during summer).
    Or just take Tatonka Abisko... (it would be nice to show the tent its' names origin). But that is almost 3 kgs of pure condensation trap.
    We are planning to hike northern part of Kungsleden (Nikkaluokta to Abisko including Kebnekaise summit).
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  6. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    I wouldn't bank on receiving an MLD order in much less than 3 months,
  7. Charles42

    Charles42 Trail Blazer

    The same for Locus Gear
  8. I went on and made an order today. Locus Khafra and half mesh :)
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  9. Chris2901

    Chris2901 Section Hiker

    Excellent choice,mate. Hope you´ll receive it in time.Can´t tell much about Estonian post and customs ,but if they are as "efficient" as German ones...good luck!!!:D
  10. FOX160

    FOX160 Section Hiker

  11. andreostergard

    andreostergard Trail Blazer

    Even thought you've ordered I might as well pitch in, hehe, with my thoughts just for future reference.
    I've used the Ultamid 2 for quite a few years and it's an awesome shelter. Would recommend to a friend!

    The only downside to it from my perspective is that it requires two trekking poles or an adapter to pitch it. Meaning that if one pole breaks or you lose the adapter you're out of luck, if you can't find a substitute for it. I myself have never had any issues with the pole straps or the poles sliding or moving during the night. And that's been in some high winds too. So it's not really a problem, or is it? :)

    The one thing I really miss when I downsized to a Locus Gear Khufu is the height of the Pyramid tent. Getting dressed, cooking or whatever when the weather is less than kind is an acrobatic circus act compared to luxurious space of the Ultamid 2.

    A good combo is the Ultamid 2 with a Six Moon Designs Serenity Net tent
  12. Andrew Rushton

    Andrew Rushton Summit Camper

    I purchased the ultamid 2 last week. I’ve pitched it in the garden so far and have to say I’m hugely impressed. It took quite some time for me to come to the decision as I need a big shelter due to being a tall guy. At 6’4” there is plenty of room for me. You can now purchase s half inner this having half of the tent for kit etc. I returned from Sweden two weeks ago and lots of the guys were using the ultamid also do I got to try one before purchasing. As usual with HMG workmanship is second to non. I nearly opted for zpacks but hearing bad things regarding quality issues and not being suitable for winter put me off.

  13. Thank You for the ideas!

    The main reason I ditched HMG Ultamid 2 is that there is no "vestibule" when using inner for 2 persons. Khafra with half mesh on the other hand does and is much lighter option.
    Good thing about HMG is that they seem to have stock. I could have ordered from or and would be already using one.

    Got my HMG Southwest 3400 in a week.

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