HRP: Lescun - Gavarnie, leaving september 16th. Am I missing something?

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  1. Arne L.

    Arne L. Section Hiker

    It's been a while since I've been to the Pyrenees (2015) and I've never been relatively 'late' in the season.

    Obviously, all will come down to the weather. Last year I had a heatwave in the Chartreuse mid september & the year before it was snowing in the Ecrins.

    Technically, the season should last somewhat longer in the Pyrenees since the huts are open longer then most in the Alps (and the fact it's slightly more southern based... or is that just wishful thinking?)

    Anyway, this is the kit I use for 3 season & beyond. It's pretty tried & true but always open to suggestions, alternatives, add-ons or leave-at-home-because-you-won't-need-thems.

    There's some new articles that I'd like to try but not really sure if the HRP is the best testing ground.

    I'm not that ultralight & I don't really weigh my gear. Oops?

    SWD Long Haul 40
    Z-packs cuben liner

    Tent: MSR Hubba HP
    Stakes:4 groundhogs, 4 mini groundhogs, 2 ti skewers
    Quilt: Vaude Alpstein 450 quilt (new) / GramXpert custom eLite quilt with Apex 200 (was a bit chilly with this on the second part of the CWT but then again it was -5°C)
    Pad: Exped Synmat HL MW
    Pillow: STS Aeros UL pillow L

    Clothing worn
    Hat: Patagonia Duckbill or a Ciele
    Baselayer: some shirt
    Shorts: Patagonia baggies
    Boxers: Saxx
    Socks: Defeet Aireator (since 2014!)
    Shoes: Merrel All Out Blaze Aero Sport. Prefer Hoka One One or Altra but these were cheap and fit well. Vibram sole as well

    Clothing packed
    Baselayer: Patagonia Thermal weight crew (for sleeping)
    Fleece: TNF 1/4 100 (added kangaroo-pouch + hood)
    Windshell: Rab Vital
    Rainjacket: Colombia Outdry Featherweight
    Mid layer: MH Ghost Whisperer / Cumulus Incredilite / custom GramXpert Apex 100 jacket (not really sure what to bring here. I think the GW might be too cold)

    Baselayer: Patagonia thermal weight bottoms (might leave at home in favour of the wind pants? Never thought my legs are cold but been using these on every trip since 2017)
    Wind pants: As Tucas Millaris
    Rainpants: Borah Gear (seam taping is coming undone, might swap out for a rain skirt but I don't like the idea of a rain skirt)

    Spare socks: Defeet Aireator
    Sleeping socks: some thick Stance socks
    Might bring a cheap fleece balaclava in case I bring the down quilt
    Gloves: Powerstretch gloves

    Soto Amicus + 100 gram canister
    Pot: Evernew 600ml (I just boil water, pot also works to drink tea in the morning)
    Bamboo spoon
    Lighter/matches in case piezo fails
    Victorinox classic

    Katadyn Befree
    1L plastic bottle
    Evernew 1.5L soft bottle (for camp mostly)

    Deuce of Spades
    Toilet paper
    Hand sanitizer
    Some meds
    Ear plugs
    Sun screen
    Packtowl that weighs 18 grams (I weighed it, I really did)
    All packed in a ziploc

    Garmin Forerunner 945 (has maps + GPX)
    Garmin Inreach Mini (also has GPX but mostly used to communicate with GF)
    A paper map (1:50 000, Carte de Randonnées nr. 3, good for the entire trip)
    Compass: Suunto A10

    Electronics (oooops...)
    Sony A6000 + Sigma 16mm f1.4 (only taking one prime makes photography a lot simpler)
    iPhone 8
    Battery pack: Anker Powercore 10000
    Wall plug: Anker 4-port-USB
    2 spare batteries for camera + charger
    Cables: for Inreach, watch & phone (camera uses same cable as Inreach)
    Flashlight: Fenix LD02 (since 2014!)
    Spare lithium AAA for flashlight
    All packed in a ziploc

    I presume I won't be needing any hardware (ice axe, crampons).

    Stuff sacks: a STS Ultrasil 18L daypack as foodbag for the day(comes in handy on the train), STS pump bag for the rest of the food and a silnylon 9L stuff sack for the tent.

    Normally I take a hiking pole but since my shelter doesn't require one and I haven't used poles in the last year, it seems useless taking one.

    No spare boxershort :oops:

    Suggestions welcome! Thanks in advance.
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  2. Raul

    Raul Trekker

    You will walk in a nice part of the pyrenees. This year I think you will find little to no snow in the high passes because this winter was a dry one, so no crampons or ice axe at all. Early-mid september the weather is usually pretty mild, but beware of the storms in the afternoon. If I were you i think I bring the GramXpert quilt rather than the Vaude's.

    In my opinion your gear list looks very good. I know it's personal, but in HRP you will encounter some sketchy steps so I would take a hiking pole.
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  3. Arne L.

    Arne L. Section Hiker

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Why the GramXpert quilt?

    Still going back & forth over the pole, never used one in Norway & one the CWT, so...
  4. edh

    edh Thru Hiker

    In my experience if you camp high it can be cold; I usually take a -7 rated bag but sleep a bit cold.
    Should be bug free higher up....but iirc you like commercial campsites? (heathen)
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  5. Arne L.

    Arne L. Section Hiker

    My love for them has faded away tbh. Only at the end; a shower so the people on the train don’t faint.

    Might take a hotel though.

    Will camp high, hence the 450 grams of down in the Vaude quilt. The bag has the same specs (fill weight mostly) as a Katabatic Sawatch; rated 15F. The Vaude is EN tested, comes in at 1C comfort. Seems conservative?

    I sleep on the colder side as well.
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  6. craige

    craige Thru Hiker

    Same kit as on the CWT which worked well and you already know my thoughts :thumbsup:

    Take the Vaude quilt and the gramxpert jacket. I still think the quilt must be under-rated because of the lack of hood and open back not keeping as much heat in. Skip the fleece balaclava. If you really need another hood you could put your hood from your fleece over your head.

    You sleep in the leggings right? If not and your not expecting temps below freezing either drop the wind pants or the leggings.

    You can replace the tape on the rain pants. Not sure what borah uses but an iron on 3L taoe from extreme or even Ebay will do the job. Just peel the old stuff off. It'll be a bit fiddly around the crotch. You should try a rain skirt for sure though. Endless uses as you've seen.
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  7. Raul

    Raul Trekker

    I think your GramXpert quilt is enough combined with your fleece or your mid layer. But if you like to sleep more on the naked side maybe the vaude is a better option. But again, with your clothing system you should not experience any cold during the night with the GramXpert quilt IMO.
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  8. Arne L.

    Arne L. Section Hiker

    Thanks Craig. I did make some small adjustments: Amicus instead of TiTri, no pole, no tech pouch ( :oops: ), no wool hat.

    Good points on the quilt & balaclava. Must be underrated since similar quilts are rated much lower, albeit in the US. Why no down jacket? Going back and forth between GxP and the Cumulus jacket.

    I do sleep in the leggings, but I doubt they offer a ton of warmth for their weight. So the wind pants seem a better idea, considering the warmer quilt.

    Texted you about the rain skirt :angelic:

    Thanks for the feedback!
  9. craige

    craige Thru Hiker

    Yes, but none of real consequence (except the tech pouch). I remember you said you had a hat, but I didn't see it...

    If you are chilly and sleep in the jacket, down in jackets loses a lot of loft ime. Maybe because there is much less in it than a quilt? Also, isn't it a little heavier?

    I'm sure the wind pants have more uses yeah.

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