Jacks R Better 12' x 10' Universal Hammock Tarp

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by paul, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. paul

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    IMG_20180729_113111.jpg JRB universal 12' x 10' tarp in Camo.

    I bought this used once in the garden type affair and ive probably put 20 nights on it since then. Well sealed and in good condition. Ive fitted the sliding gate LL10s to allow use with dynemma guys from 1mm up to 3mm. If using 1mm then raw dyneema is preferred to sheathed. Pull outs are double sided which helps if you put it up inside out :D tons of tie out points. Comes with snake skins. 600g for the tarp and about 80g for the skins if used, obviously a regular stuff sack would be lighter but it will be sent with skins only. I quite like the quick deployment and packing the skins offer for the extra weight. Can be used with ends peged in to form doors whilst maintaining plenty of internal space using the pullouts. £80 signed postage in the UK. Add £12 for EU tracked and signed

    Manufacturer link


    I only have one pic in use so here it is

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    I'll take it.
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    @paul you've used the new tarp then ? :happy:
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    used it on that trip we were on to the lakes. Not been in a hammock since then. Enjoying the ground for now. Still not used the thunderfly. I have a lot of camera glass to buy so im looking at everything with a hard eye at the moment.
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    Been busting to hear your 1st impression of your *whispers* thunderfly after using it...
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    Hammock season starts October :)
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    Did this sell?
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