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Discussion in 'Kit Lists' started by Shewie, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    I've posted the Google Docs way of creating a useful kit list, I know there's lots of alternative software available for the same task so let's have them. If you can write a basic how-to like I've done then we can sticky it for future visitors.

    If you're going to post a kit list in whatever format you choose, try and give us some background about the trip, the type of terrain, length of trip, resupply options etc.
  2. JonB

    JonB Ultralighter

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  3. ADz

    ADz Thru Hiker

    +1 for, simplest and best looking solution I have come across.

    There is also geargrams but it looks really dated and not optimized for modern browsers/displays.
  4. JonB

    JonB Ultralighter

    Same experience for me. Tried geargrams at first but when i found Lighterpack everything was much easier.
  5. theoctagon

    theoctagon Thru Hiker

    Lighterpack for me as well. The developer chap is super helpful as well should you have any problems etc with it
  6. JonB

    JonB Ultralighter

    Does any of you guys know how to embed the code from Lighterpack?

    The web page gives me this:

    <script src=""></script><div id="6m2hbb"></div>

    But i don't know how to embed it into message boards or blog posts.
  7. EM - Ross

    EM - Ross Thru Hiker

    That's html. There's no option to post in that format? Is there a BBcode option. That will be in square brackets [ ]
  8. JonB

    JonB Ultralighter

    Ahh. That explains it. Thanks!
  9. EM - Ross

    EM - Ross Thru Hiker

    There a share link you can use - it's shown above the embed code.
  10. ADz

    ADz Thru Hiker

    The embed option if for use on your own personal site/blog etc. HTML is disabled on forums due to potential of people posting code that could potentially infect peoples systems or possibly take advantage/exploit a bug in site code.
  11. Chiseller

    Chiseller Thru Hiker

    @Shewie it's listing like I've started... But then if I remove an item by making the quantity 0 it is gone forever until I manually put it back.
    Is there a way to create one complete list and then add items to a trip list?
  12. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    Not too sure mate, I tend to do one for each type of trip. I think if you have multiple lists all those items will be saved in the left hand side, you can copy them items and paste them in. Maybe do one master list with everything on and then copy those items into a new list for a trip? I don't think I'm explaining it very well sorry
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  13. OwenM

    OwenM Section Hiker

  14. Chiseller

    Chiseller Thru Hiker

    @Shewie, cheers for suggesting the complete list... I'll persevere with the one I started... Then try another...
    @OwenM thanks for your suggestion, I've downloaded that and made a rough start... It's a bit awkward with just a phone, but if it feels like it will work... Again I'll persevere.
  15. ClimbingUke

    ClimbingUke Backpacker

    I have tried but had problems with the measuring units (I put them in grams, but the overall weight was shown in pounds and ounces, and I could not change this behaviour). I have now switched to
    It uses a "locker" to store all the gear you own, then you can pack individual "packs" by chosing gear from your locker. I like this very much, although I have not used it for a long time.
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  16. Ken T.

    Ken T. Section Hiker

    Still using paper. 2019 could be the year though.
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  17. Taz38

    Taz38 Thru Hiker

    I just scribble stuff in a notebook :biggrin:
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  18. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

    It's all in my head :angelic: (-plus I do a round of each camping gear store and take out what I need). Routine helps.
    If I was doing a biggie in 'distant lands' I might write a list. But put it online …. nah :whistling:.
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  19. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    Lists are handy if you’re trying to lose weight off your load, or you’ve accumulated too much kit (guilty) and can’t decide what to take, other than that it’s just bragging rights :)

    I like a list but I don’t necessarily pack with one, I might glance over one to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything but I don’t carry a great deal of “stuff” anymore, packing is fairly automatic now. I switch shelters a lot so sometimes need to remember things like pole connectors, extra stakes etc.

    If I’m doing a bigger hike I have lists and spreadsheets for everything :)
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  20. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

    I do know the relative weights and functionality of my kit options - I too have quite a few options to choose from :oops::whistling:.
    I choose depending on the particular trip and weather. Then I dump it all on the bed and decide what I can leave behind :D.
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  21. gixer

    gixer Thru Hiker

    Excel sheet here

    Like Rich i use it for weighing up the various options

    It's also handy for checking i've packed everything
    If my pack is more than 10g off my list then i must have forgotten something (or added something if it's heavier)

    I don't bother with base weights and the life though, don't see the point
    It's everything inc water and food for my lists
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  22. Teepee

    Teepee Thru Hiker

    Kit lists? There is a reason nobody calls me 'Spreadsheet Pete'. :)

    I use a specialist plugin for's called 'Go out instead of tapping numbers into spreadsheets 2.0'
  23. DuneElliot

    DuneElliot Section Hiker

    Don't use them at all. I've got down to the lightest gear I feel comfortable with and like. At this point it doesn't matter what everything weighs...I'm not leaving anything else behind and I'm not carrying anything else. The only thing that changes for me is which quilt to take (same weight and bulk but one is down and warmer, the other is synthetic and less warm) and how much food I need.
  24. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

    Hurrah :thumbsup:.
    But given how much you are "out" ….. do you ever unpack ??? :whistling:
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  25. dovidola

    dovidola Thru Hiker

    I find other peoples' kit lists more interesting than my own. They often contain ideas for doing things a bit differently.
    Spending too much time tinkering with one's own kit list is perhaps akin to...(well, you know).
    Seriously though, I've found a kit list helpful in organising things in the mind, highlighting some unexpected sources of weight (e.g. stuff bags), and as a check-list when packing.

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