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Discussion in 'Shelters & Accessories' started by theoctagon, May 5, 2016.

  1. theoctagon

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    Meant to update this a while ago...

    It's super tight, netting holes are to big to stop midges and the floor leaks

    Original Post:

    I only received this a couple of days ago so haven't used it but I was heading out for a wander earlier today and stuck it in my pack to have a play with. Thought others might be interested to see a few more photo's of the bug bivy from Ali express.


    It arrived in a shaped stuff sack and comes supplied with a couple of lengths of cord. The listing gives the weight as 230g, straight out of the packet the weight of mine inc bivy, stuff sack and all of the supplied cord was 201g.



    It's a straight forward set up, sil floor, mesh upper, with a central top entry zip. Pegged out I measured the floor to be approx 60 x 205cm.



    It's a simple flat floor really but if you peg it out you do get a very slight bathtub effect due to the way the webbing is attached.



    It comes with a couple of lengths of cord which have a mitten hook on one end to attach to your tarp etc. The other end of the cord simply threads through cord locks which are attached at each end of the zip.



    The quality looks good, all the stitching etc is straight and I can't see any real floors with it. The mesh doesn't appear as fine as the stuff on some of my other gear so may not keep the smallest of the beasties out but we shall see. Not sure if it's just my eyes but the mesh appears to have a slight blue tinge to it.



    I'm not entirely sure where this will fit in with my other gear or how much use it'll get but I thought it was worth giving one a try. It pairs pretty well with my solo tarp though which is one of the things I had in mind when I decided to order one.




    As I say mine weighs 201g all in, measures 60 x 205cm and cost me £14.25 (it's currently £13.99). The listing I used is no longer up but it is available here. For some reason the listing shows the brand as Naturehike but it's not, it's Knot.
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  2. fluffkitten

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    Nice review Matt, thank you.

    I'm looking forward to trying mine (with a 9 x 5 tarp) and seeing what it keeps out.
  3. Scotty Von Porkchop

    Scotty Von Porkchop Ultralighter

    Great review, it's mighty impressive for that price.
  4. Graham

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    Did you get in it Matt - just noticed on closer reading that it's got a top zip entry?
  5. Mole

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    Nice review Matt.
    I got mine this week. Couldn't resist. nicely constructed.
    I don't think I'd risk it in Scotland for midgies.
    If I hold mine up to the light, I see what I consider to be flaws in the weave - light showing through in regular tiny slits. I can't suck air through though.
  6. theoctagon

    theoctagon Thru Hiker

    Cheers, I'll let you test it in midge country :)

    Thanks Scotty, Yeah, figured it was worth trying given the price.

    Top entry works ok for me, with the a-frame tarp I just loosened off and dropped the head end so it lays flat then tightened the line up again once in the bivy. It's not the roomiest of places to be but didn't really comment on this as I haven't used it yet.

    Cheers Mole, can't say I noticed any flaws in the fabric but then by the sounds of it I didn't have as closer look as you, I'll have a look later today and report back :)
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  7. theoctagon

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    Well spotted that man


    100% crop:

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  8. fluffkitten

    fluffkitten Thru Hiker

    Damn, and here I was hoping you or Mole would be taking that risk. :D

    In its bag it almost looks big next to my 9 x 5 DD Superlight tarp. :)

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  9. el manana

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    The holes in that mesh look massive - doubt its midge proof unless soaked in Permethrin.
  10. slovhike

    slovhike Thru Hiker

    Got mine as well...I must admit its very well made not just for China standards...
    I had play with it and Siltarp 1 and as you can see it fits rather nicely..
    Easy to pitch but I've noted the cord lock to slip if you over tighten cords to hold it up..

    Wonder if treating it with permethrin would keep the insects (ticks) away..... 20160513_192615.jpg 20160513_192601.jpg

    Sorry for poor pics...made with smartphone on very misty day...

    As @theoctagon mentioned it packs down tinny...
  11. slovhike

    slovhike Thru Hiker

    Had some more play with Knot bivy.. this time setting tarp in lean to pitch mode due to strong side breeze..the bivy can easily be used this way..also not that very constricted once inside...very breathable which I like most..fat flies just couldnt reach me;)

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  12. fluffkitten

    fluffkitten Thru Hiker

    Has anyone been brave enough to use one of these one of these in the lands of the midge? If so how'd it go?
  13. Mole

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    Hmm. Had a look at mine again yesterday when tidying up.

    I'd not risk it for midgies. It's either relegated for beach use or for sale.
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  14. slovhike

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    @Mole lucky midgies are non existant here ;)...fat fly or tinny mozzies are easily stopped:cool: as are ants...
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  15. fluffkitten

    fluffkitten Thru Hiker

    If I were still in Oz beaches are where I'd be worried, sand flies are the same size and just as evil as midges. :D
  16. cathyjc

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    Ahhhh………. you can swat sand flies (with patience)………Swatting midges :wacky::confused::banghead::wacky::speechless:.
    But sandfly bites are definitely much more 'evil' :(
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  17. slovhike

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    @fluffkitten "evil midges" = motorobike gang name it a lot;)
  18. theoctagon

    theoctagon Thru Hiker

    Meant to update this a while ago...

    It's super tight, netting holes are to big to stop midges and the floor leaks
  19. fluffkitten

    fluffkitten Thru Hiker

    Mine doesn't leak but I'll go along with the other two. :(
  20. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker

    Result :thumbsup:

    I may be wrong but is it the "Knot" gear that tends to get the unfavourable reviews? The Asta and 3F gear have been spot on for me.
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  21. Balagan

    Balagan Thru Hiker

    Yep. 3F and Naturehike are pretty solid and listen to customer feedback (the former is a far larger outfit). Asta made at least one good tent with some quirks. Knot is a little iffy and Axemen downright shoddy.
  22. Enzo

    Enzo Thru Hiker

    Not had a chance to put my knot tents through their paces, of course the designs cut corners being budget designs. 1 out of my 3 (sl5 a-like) has a funky seam, the other two don't have any build issues. The real question mark seems to be the quality of the fabrics. Mld showed they arent up to the best but question is are they good enough for a 45-75 quid shelter. Looks like the bivvy uses the same yellow silnylon?
  23. ADz

    ADz Thru Hiker

    Had this in my Ali list for a while may grab it for similar setup since quality seems good :)
  24. Mole

    Mole Thru Hiker

    :o o:

    Well, if you want one, I have one unused.
    I've nicked the reflective line for zip pulls but replaced with other line.

    Tenner posted 2nd class.
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  25. ADz

    ADz Thru Hiker

    Go on then. Pm me payment details please bud.

    [EDIT] Ahh, just seen the update. Think I'll pass bud, thanks anyway.
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