Loose down supplier?

Discussion in 'Sleeping Bags & Quilts' started by racer66, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. racer66

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    I would like around 100g of extra 800 or 900 FP down for stuffing my Nunatak Quilt with as it has lost some loft from the torso area. And the extra stuffed footbox is good still.

    Seen a few online UK places offering the servie for around £40 to fill 100g into a bag, just wondering where I can get it myself to do.
  2. Mole

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  3. racer66

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  4. cathyjc

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    Last time I did a boost to a SB, was after I'd been given a GreyLag and had plucked, washed, sorted and dried the down by hand :smuggrin::whistling::whistling::whistling:. Whilst the down was of the highest quality I cannot recommend it as a time efficient way of doing things :eeker:.
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  5. ADz

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  6. racer66

    racer66 Trail Blazer

    Thanks Adz, I might go for that one, and then I will have enough left over to make a down cap and booties prob.
  7. paul

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  8. racer66

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    I did mean to add, I have washed the bag on monday and now it is thoroughly dry, the loft has increased quite markedly from before, and especially the chest area. I think I should be ok for loft now and the spring summer, maybe looking at something for next winter or just find a warmer winter quilt. I was really surprised with the dirt in the water which came out on washing with some nikwax down wash, as I have only used the quilt maybe for a dozen nights.
  9. ADz

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    And tbh it's most likely unethically sourced.
  10. stokrenden

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    Actually there is a higher chance that high fp goose down are live plucked. Most of the low fp duck down are byproducts of the meat industry.
  11. edh

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    Live plucked :( ?

    That does not sound like any bit of OK....is that common?
  12. cathyjc

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    In China - yes.

    There was a programme (TV) about wild Iceland at the w/e - very very good - showed a guy who earned his living collecting wild Eider duck down from their nests (- he replaced it with hay) - that was entirely ethical but goodness knows how much the end product would cost.
  13. Evan Davies

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    I was told by someone who used to work for Rab that to achieve 900+ FP the down "has" to be live-plucked.
    As for the cost of Eider down - see this - unsurprisingly discontinued.
  14. Teepee

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    The better quality down comes from older birds that live in colder climates, their down clusters are bigger and more robust than younger birds and this yeilds the highest fillpower down.

    They don't get to be older birds if they aren't live plucked.....
  15. ADz

    ADz Thru Hiker

    That's not the half of it. There is a video of the process and it's disgraceful. Sometimes they end up ripping the birds skin and stitch it back up ready for more down to grow.
  16. ADz

    ADz Thru Hiker

    That is a bad comparison. Sheering sheep is like getting a hair cut. Live plucking down is like your hair being pulled out by root and quite often your skin ripping and been stitched back up. There is a HUGE difference.

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