Meeting energy requirements - vegan diet

Discussion in 'Kitchen' started by OneBeardedWalker, Jan 8, 2019.

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    Yes yes...chatter as you will :tongue:
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    Now now,

    Gwumpy won't get you any yummy cups...

    You're welcome :)

    And if you need a repository for your first few 'failed attempts' ... :geek:
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    Oh dear....
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    Oh dear....This is about vegeterian high caloric and low weight food, so not your food.

    And its basic thermodinamics and human methabolism that getting calories from carbohidrates is way easier ( and lighter) than for protein.

    Plus they are delicious.
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    Yes, all for, a delicious, nutritious, and varied diet.
    (including lots of yummy veg of course :))

    Eaten with appreciation, grown and produced with love and care... Food should be more than just fuel :geek:

    Edit .. Sometimes I feel a bit bad about putting folks on 'ignore' - but I feel I've just had that decision validated.
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    I'm not sweating it...
    The researchers investigated 185 observational studies containing data that related to 135m person years, as well as 58 clinical trials involving 4,635 adults
    Theres alot of rubbish in that write up, even sheep don't follow the Shepherd.
    And I'm not low carb, I'm zero carb. 'it'll be reyt"
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    Your diet - entirely your choice.

    - But there is evidence from eminent scientists that suggests it's not the optimum, for long term health for an individual (or the planet).
    Just for balance it seemed appropriate to air the other side of the discussion. I've no doubt folks on here can read and make their own minds up.
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    Planet.... How much fertilzer, diesel, soil quality reduction, small animal habitat, insect and invertabrae habitat, factory processing of vegetable and grain added msg blah blah blah... No one has the right to pull the planet card unless they live within mothers blanket without ever fouling the cloth of nature.
    ... Studies, research, printed papers, guidelines, recommendations rda's founded on what.... Not the bigger picture...on money.. . I wasn't going to go down the "this is, this and that is that" but the planet Ticket is wrong in this context in so Many ways ...
    I wasn't the one to be negative in this thread or throw antagonism out there. Carnivery wasn't mentioned by me.

    How did, my thread die? By folk throwing the right and wrong card out. when just. Like this thread... It was a simple question.
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    you did post a pic saying that vegetables, the diet of the OP, was ****. That's a bit antagonistic.
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    He mentioned carnivore, and the picture doesn't show all vegetables or non animal food. It was also meant Tongue in cheek.... Cows Tongue in pigs cheek? It was there to be ignored or laughed at... You made your own choice on how it was received and replied accordingly to your own assumption.... As have I replied....
    I will Probably not be pure carnivore for the rest of my life, and replied initially in a non antogonistic manner with genuine interest. Who knows... I may be vegetarian next month? Defiantly not vegan though....
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    :thumbsup: Vegetables and Carbs - hence my link.
  15. Chiseller

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    So is this about vegetarian food or vegan lifestyle.
    You may think your energy source is lighter... But I can trek just as Long and just as far on my heavier, more energy providing fat and muscle recovering / building protein as a vegetarian can... Plus I save weight on not having to carry as much toilet paper or a douche bottle :) I can eat one portion a day sometimes or two.. My body tells me what it needs and I listen.
    When you are truly fat adapted, its possible to do a hundred mile without eating as we all carry enough calorific fat to do so without suffering. (for those fat adapted) is this fact or speculation? That being the case... Maybe.... Just maybe... With the right prefuelling... I don't even need to carry heavier food or a stove, or a cold soak container...and heyho... LIGHTER!
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    We've been over this before folks, lets try and answer OBW's request rather than having it turn into another debate

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    Well... Thank you very much for all your responses there folks. Certainly a lot of helpful information out there and plenty to think about.
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  18. Jon jons

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    Read this entire post and nobody said it, HALVA. Vegan? and so nutrient dense you can get 1100 calories in your shirt pocket for 200g. Is honey vegan though? Might be just vague-an.
  19. Jon jons

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    Normally in the penny sale at Holland and Barrett too. .
  20. Gadget

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    Bee Slavery.
  21. Fair Weather Camper

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    Most vegans don't.

    But some do.

    Bees need all the help they can get right now - not robbing their winter stores - then replacing it with less nutritious and possibly pesticide laden sugar solution or fondant to see them through the winter - as tends to happen in commercial apiaries - could perhaps be seen as part of that 'help'
  22. Jon jons

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    Not halva then:rolleyes:.
    Make some coconut oil flapjack instead. Dates very good for binding oats too.
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  23. Fair Weather Camper

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    Still could use halva - which is mostly very nutritious sesame paste (tahini) - better than oats in many ways cos it has more protein - not just straight carbs - but bound with dates perhaps - soaked in warm water, or even slightly cooked - then whizzed in a food processor they make a good sweet slurry for binding stuff.

    Have done same with dried figs too.

    IMO coconut oil is a tad problematic - its gone thru one of those 'wonderfood' phases and has possibly been oversold.

    There are some concerns about its healthy fat status.

    maybe Tahini could be used as an alternative 'sticking together' agent

    Most likely its best to use a mix of things - ( not all at once :-( rather than relying on only one food stuff - diversity of diet is what we're evolved to have as opportunistic omnivores.
    Diversity of cropping is far better for resilient agriculture too..
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    I had to get some after trying @Gadget
    says on the jar suitable for vegans (and hipsters)

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  25. edh

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    I'd never heard of it... might try some ..

    But have oft dipped the biscuits in my skinny soycchiato...

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