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Discussion in 'Shelters & Accessories' started by liamarchie, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. liamarchie

    liamarchie Ultralighter

    Recently upgraded to a Duomid, but still havent set it up enough times to get a real good feel for the best pitch.

    My Leki poles extend to 145cm at their highest, which according to the MLD page says should do the job.
    However the pole fully extended feels weak, and the tip of the pole is just going to sink into the grass with any moderate wind loading, so my pitch height will reduce.

    I have a A frame pole adapter that came with the tent, but this again needs the poles at full extension to work, and putting lateral strain on fully extended poles doesnt seem terribly sturdy either.

    So, how do you over come this for winter conditions?

    I tried joining both my poles using this method:
    but wasnt happy with the wobble factor, or faff factor.

    I have leki voyager poles, which are 18/16/14mm diameter

    Any suggestions on how to get a good pitch in terms of pole height, and also suggestions on how to achieve the pole height?

  2. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

    You don't want to hear this :whistling:…………from my one encounter with a Duomid I came to the conclusion it's too tall.
    As you note, there is the pole problem and it acts like a 'wall' catching the wind too much.

    Hopefully someone else will come along and be more helpfull than me :oops::D.
  3. JonB

    JonB Trail Blazer

    No personal experience with the Duomid but for the Ultamid we have used pole straps from HMG.

    Held up for pretty strong winds, but a bit messy to get right in the beginning. Think some people here have used som kind of extenders for their poles.
  4. murpharoo

    murpharoo Section Hiker

    Not sure if this is the correct height for the Duomid but they are very sturdy and good value if you can get it shipped over from the US.

  5. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

    I use fizan compacts and have a bit of tubing from a broken handle section that I use to join both bottom 2/3 sections together. Makes a very strong pole.
    If you get a 10-15cm section of 18mm tube you could arrange the same. Backpackinglight sell a pole extender that I think works the same way, not sure if it's in those dimensions though, or you could cannibalise a broken top section or one from a cheap pole if you can find one in the right size
  6. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

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  7. Munro277

    Munro277 Thru Hiker

    what JKM just said if using as a single pole.I have an older Duomid and its been fine in gusting 60 mph winds be it with a single pole or an A frame set up..If very windy its easier to erect and drop the duomid when using the single pole set ..I use Pacer alloys which I changed over to flick locks,but I left expanders? on as I use this when I do for the single pole set up..just cut an old piece of pole section out...Must admit have been surprised just how well it does in the wind being as my other shelter is the TS ... for the spike end I find the rubber bung,to cover spike can be reluctant to come off in cooler months, so I have same rubber boot forced onto a short 2" piece of pipe that fits nicely over the spike also gives the spike a bit more strength
  8. Whiteburn

    Whiteburn Thru Hiker

    A 145cm pole can work if you're on level ground, don't have the pole offset & the tip/ handle doesn't get pushed into soft ground; a longer pole setup is a practical necessity.

    IMO your first step is to change your poles to flicklocks especially if you have a silnylon Duomid, far easy to bump up the centre pole 2 - 3cm after rain rather than have to run around outside tensioning up the guys. Then purchase/ MYO connecters for either the lower or upper pair of pole sections; IMO a connector joining the 2 lower sections of each pole is inherently stronger but does mean you need to carry a rubber tip.
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  9. liamarchie

    liamarchie Ultralighter

    Cheers, i've had a look at the 16 and 14 options. But they dont seem to list what the maximum height the extender enables the poles to reach, any idea what height you comfortably get out of these extenders?

    Why would you say flick locks over twist poles? I dont seem to have much issue lifting the pole with one hand, and tightening with another. I just run out of pole to extend!
  10. Whiteburn

    Whiteburn Thru Hiker

    My experience after 100's of nights using a Duomid with both twist lock & flicklock; lifting & twisting at the same time is more difficult than lifting & pressing with the thumb particularly if the wind's blowing.
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  11. Munro277

    Munro277 Thru Hiker

    What he said,much easier between gusts to extend and retighten if poles sank some
  12. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

    Depends on the length of the top sections of your poles…….

    A = length of top two sections when set to max safe length

    B = distance between top end of the Bottom section and the MAX mark

    C = length of extender

    D = max length of new pole

    eg if my poles are made of 3 x 50 cm sections and the max mark is at 10 cm from the end of the bottom section (10 cm must remain inside the adjoining tube) therefore

    (Ax2) + C - (Bx2) = D

    A=90cm (2x50cm with a 10 cm overlap)



    (90x2) +30 - (10x2)

    so the max length of my poles would be 190
  13. Enzo

    Enzo Thru Hiker

    I always assumed the handle end of poles would be stronger being wider diameter ?
    So far I've used my poles with the tips unextended and pushed into eyes tied into a length of guy line with the handles in the apex and deck.
    I've got one of the knot outdoor big mids coming that's 2m high side interested in the sturdiest method. that or bite the 350g bullet and carry a dedicated pole
  14. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

    :rolleyes: If my reply makes no sense, it's because don't do algebra, I do excel........
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  15. Balagan

    Balagan Thru Hiker

    The Knot tipi should come with a free pole extension with flick-locks to replace the top section of poles. The 18mm version is pretty long and reassuringly beefy if heavy. I plan to use it with an old pair of overbuilt aluminium poles.
  16. Enzo

    Enzo Thru Hiker

    I only have thin 130g carbon fibre ones that I think are too thin, was thinking about getting some cheap beefy poles to use with the bigmid, I've requested 18mm connector with this mid as I have the 16mm one from the sl3 size one.
  17. Graham

    Graham Thru Hiker

    Anyone made a recent purchase of a cheapo (Chinese) 7075 12mm alu pole section? All the existing links on the forum I've tried are out of date. All I can find on FleaBay is a £7 pole with £7 p&p.
  18. slovhike

    slovhike Section Hiker

    @JKM can you post pics of what you did with Fizan compacts to join them? Cheers
  19. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

    2 x lower sections from each plus one recycled top section. I boiled the top section to soften the adhesive and then pulled the foam/plastic grip off. TBH I only really need 1/3 of this length as the upper sections need a much smaller overlap than the bottom.
    The reclaimed top section is recognisable by the foam rubberer protectors on either end to stop it getting damaged in my rucksack.

    Top section is just plain gauge tube


    Max length is c210cm so I could easily loose the majority of the middle section.



    Hope that helps
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  20. Munro277

    Munro277 Thru Hiker

    Wow you must have good ventilation when pitching your Duomid :eek:
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  21. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

    Alas, I don't have a duomid, just a pole :(

    Just trying to demonstrate how much pole you would have if you used it at max extension

    I used to use it for a Luxe mini peak at 145 cm and will probably use it on the asta mid if I ever get round to putting it up.
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  22. slovhike

    slovhike Section Hiker

    @JKM cheers..great stuff..are those Fizan compact 3..also do you put rubber cap before inserting pole tip into tent apex...ID of that extra tube is?
  23. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker

    Agree, used twist lock for 3ish years, better using flick locks, surprised at how much more convenient it was.
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  24. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

    Poles are fizan compacts 3's
    The donor section is a Rohan UL pole which is just a re-branded fizan. fizan also made the same pole for planet fear, Cotswold and a few others.

    Either i use a rubber pole foot, or with my trailstar I was given a squash ball with an X cut into it with a rubber pole tip jammed inside.

    To be truly UL I suppose a ping-pong ball with a hole drilled in it and filled with expanding foam then a caulking nozzel jammed in the hole would be a possible solution, but I have never gotten round to trying to make one
  25. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

    Last pair of fizan compacts I bought cost me £12 :)delivered, brand new from Uk outdoors gear exchange.
    Virtually all smooth tapering poles (no plastic reinforcement round expansion joints) that claim to be 156g (or is it 158g?) Are actually rebranded fizan poles.

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