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    Been using a Terra Nova Laser competition 1 for the last 4 years. In April this year I had to get the flysheet zip replaced at a cost of £60 and lo and behold camping in the Southern uplands this week the same zip broke. This after about 20 nights use. I do actually consider it a design flaw as too much pressure is placed on the zip area in order to get the tent pitched best. I might approach Terra Nova to ask about guarantees on their repairs but might just cut my losses and get a different tent. The Laser was purchased third party so is not covered by Terra Nova 5 year cover.

    I have been looking at the MSR Freelite 1 which is an equivalent weight to the Laser. I am concerned however that the Hydrostatic head is measured at 1200mm for the Freelite whereas the Laser is 5000mm. Any on here using one or anyone with techie knowledge as to the waterproofing level of 1200mm in the British weather?
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    I was in a real hoolie in my BA Copper Spur in the US last year...same HH; it was rainproof - with driving rain in high winds.

    If you fancy one of those (similar weight) I want to sell mine.
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    My tarptent is 30d and comes with 3000mm hydrostatic head, which ive had no issue with when camping in puddles or out in driving rain. Not sure if that helps or not, but 1200mm sounds quite low when compared doesnt it.

    Heres something i found online about the freelite:
    The Freelite range achieves this low weight by using ultralight fabrics - 15Denier in fact, these fabrics tend to be strong in use but there's a compromise on the overall life of the tent as thinner fabrics breakdown more quickly due to UV light. The weight of the fabrics also means that the Hydrostatic Head figures are low compared to some tents - this shouldn't be a worry though as the tents are fully waterproof and will stand up to any amount of rain, but it does mean a bit more care is required, especially with the groundsheet.
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    Until maybe 4 or 5 years ago, all Tarptents canopies were 1200mm. My scarp certainly is. No leakage yet.
    The groundsheet is another issue...
    Tarptents newest groundsheets are now Pu.
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    I'm sure Golite tents were to.
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    Thanks for the responses. Took the flysheet to a local seamstress / dressmaker who has repaired tents in the past, after all I've nothing to lose as the fly is unusable at the minute. She looked at the Terra Nova repaired zip and described it as weakest, cheapest zip that she had seen in a while. I've bought a heavy tent zip from Ebay for £4 and took it up her to repair. Waiting for the return and cost which wont be as costly as Terra Nova (£60), as she recently replaced a zip in a Rab Gilet for me for £10.

    I could understand if Terra Nova put in a lightweight zip for weight issues but maybe it should last longer than possibly 20 nights
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