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  1. ADz

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    New FKT Cuben eVENT Soul Bivy

    The lightest full featured highly breathable WP bivy available.

    Very similar design to the time tested eVENT Soul Bivy, this speed machine uses a lighter top eVENT and a lighter Cuben bottom to save 4oz.


    The FKT Soul Bivy is a lighter version of the time tested MLD Soul Bivy. The FKT Soul Bivy is about 4oz lighter and maintains the same high performance eVENT technology of superior breathability.

    FKT = Fastest Known Time is literally the fastest time hikers, bikers, runners and other endurance athletes have completed a certain trail or distance. The ethos behind FKT is self reliance and the FKT concept includes personal FKTs - Your Own Personal Goal. To achieve a personal FKT gear is trimmed to the minimum and knowledge and training become key factors. Movement is calculated to be as efficient as possible regardless of your overall speed or daily mileage. Whether you are racing, pushing your personal limits or just want to move through nature as efficiently and light as possible with ELI (Extremely Low Impact) the MLD FKT line is designed to help you achieve those personal goals.

    This ultralight bivy is also perfect for climbers and off road bike racers that need small packed size and light weight.

    MEDIUM: 9.2oz / 235gms (stuff sack, extra bungee, wire hoop not included in base weight)
    LARGE: 9.6oz / 250gms (stuff sack, extra bungee, wire hoop not included in base weight)

    • Girth
    MED 72" Shoulder 54" Foot
    LG 76" Shoulder 58" Foot

    • Top: Waterproof Breathable 2 Layer Cuben Fiber eVENT Black top fabric and end foot panel.

    • Bottom: Cuben Fiber 1oz sq/yd - Totally Waterproof - Very Strong - Dark Gray Color

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  2. Teepee

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    That's a cracking weight for a W/B bivy.
    Going by the reports of the breathability of Cuben/Event, I wonder if it's breathable enough to get away with using with a down bag over a few nights. Even with full 3 layer Event, down insulation is on the cusp of being practical. I find I can only get a couple of days use without good weather to get rid of the moisture build up and this top layer can't be as breathable as that.

    It's certainly wide enoough in XL, thats a great size. No issue getting a mat and UK winter bag inside with enough room to move about. :)
  3. edh

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    BPL surmise suggest a super-light synthetic insulation piece will appear to pair with the bivvy; but just conjecture I think...
  4. EM - Ross

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    Comes with free ****** too. Bargain.
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  5. Teepee

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    SLSI to pair with the WBB to allow ELI hiking? :biggrin:
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  6. Hedley Heap

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    I'm not buying mine until the 2016 GTI model comes out with the high lift cam and updated dump valve, variable valve timing would be nice.
    Sorry wrong forum, but is it?
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  7. Teepee

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    A dump valve on bivy bag sounds a bit messy.
  8. paul

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    Simon says

    'Holy Toledo! Somebody had fun'
  9. Tartanferret

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    I think the cuben/2 layer Event used to be a non-returnable option on the standard one.

    Not that the standard one is cheap, hence why it remains on the wish list and not in my gear collection. :(:sneaky:

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