New Trekking Poles needed Advise please

Discussion in 'Gear Chat' started by FOX160, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. FOX160

    FOX160 Thru Hiker

    @craige @WilliamC I've decided to go for the Bergzeit version for the extended handle that would maximise my efficiency on climbs and descents without stopping to change heights.

    Thank you for your help.
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  2. Lamont-Cranston

    Lamont-Cranston Section Hiker

    Those Bergzeit ones are a keen price! Took me a while to find the diff bw the LGs and the KD (Bergs)as they are clearly more robust. It seems the KDs are app 80 gms heavier per stick so this would easily account for their extra stoutness, but the extra weight would probably not put me off them should I look to buy again.
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  3. MyHatGandhi

    MyHatGandhi Summit Camper

    This thread was perfect timing. Just bought the KD for £63 (I signed up to the newsletter for the discount) to replace Fizan Compact 4.... which snapped again while tensioning a tent.

    The luxe 14mm pole connector will fit these right? Since the bottom section is 14mm.
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  4. humankeith

    humankeith Summit Camper

    I'v got on really well with my pacepoles. I have the flick lock ones and they're ideal for walking and keeping my duomid up in some quite bad wind.
  5. Nick

    Nick Backpacker

    I think I have about 2500 miles (mostly above the treeline) on my BD alpine carbon cork poles, used as shelter supports as well, they are quite heavy but I am tough on gear and these seem indestructible.
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  6. FOX160

    FOX160 Thru Hiker

    I received my poles today after relentless emails to Ukmail as to why my poles haven’t been delivered.
    These are really nice, 212grams per one pole and nicely finished including the foam handles and the lower hand grip which is great for my large hands.
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  7. PhilHo

    PhilHo Thru Hiker

    I've been reading this thread with interest. Early on a couple of people mentioned Leki Sherpa. I just spotted the Cotswold have Leki Sherpa XL for £55.
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  8. FOX160

    FOX160 Thru Hiker

    That’s sold as a single pole.
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  9. WilliamC

    WilliamC Thru Hiker

    Well spotted.
  10. dovidola

    dovidola Thru Hiker

    Very well spotted. Mine (the antishock version) cost me the 'discounted' price of £90 (from Snow&Rock)
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  11. island

    island Summit Camper

    I know the OP has poles now but I thought I'd just mention the Cascade Mountain Tech carbon poles.
    They get a good rating from Andrew Skurka and are on amazon for £35 ish quid. On Costco too for £32.89 (but need to buy x2).
    Won't ship to the backwater that I live in :) but might be useful to someone.
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  12. Patrick

    Patrick Trail Blazer

    Just a thought, since I've also been experimenting joining poles to support a Luxe Octopeak. When you tension the shelter, or it gets pushed down by the wind, there's most leverage, and so most flexing, around the midpoint of the support. If you join poles bottom to bottom then it's the thinnest part of the pole which is at the midpoint, and so which gets most stress. I've found joining them handle section to handle section (by overlapping the handles by about a foot and binding them tightly together - I use velcro in a figure of eight for this) seems to produce a stiffer pole with less flex and so, hopefully, less likelihood of snapping. Just a thought, given that you've had a pole snap under these circumstances...
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  13. Mark James

    Mark James Trekker

    I use Pacerpole Double Lock carbon poles. I have no idea about the breaking strength, but I'm pretty heavy and haven't had any issues at all. I couldn't possiibly imagine myself using anything else. Hardly cheap, but as somebody who was previously a trekking pole skeptic, I don't now ever go out without them.
  14. ZenTrekker

    ZenTrekker Section Hiker

    I really like my Alpkit Carbonlite poles, nice and light. However having snapped two poles, I would never rely on them to support a shelter. If you catch aluminium poles in a rock or suchlike, they will bend and not snap.
  15. Enzo

    Enzo Thru Hiker

    I've had the same experience with them. But having got used to them pretty much any other pole feels heavy and cumbersome. Don't use them much now. Doubled up (parallel) my alpkits have held shelters in in reasonably rough conditions, wouldn't use them in series though.
  16. ZenTrekker

    ZenTrekker Section Hiker

    I think my worry is not so much that they are not strong enough to support a shelter, more like they are useless once broken. I guess that a bent aluminium pole would still hold up a shelter OK.
  17. ZenTrekker

    ZenTrekker Section Hiker

    I think the lower section is the most vulnerable with all carbon poles. Mrs Zen caught one of her Alpkit Carbonlites (actually they were mine at the time!) in between 2 rocks going through a boulder field. She lost her balance and ended up with her full weight on the pole. The lower section snapped clean off. Of course I was in big trouble because I was (allegedly) more concerned about the pole than her at the time.

    The same thing happened to me in the Lake District last year, lower section snapped clean off.

    I've bought some Alpkit Carbon Marathon Ultra Twins, a bit heavier than the Carbonlite but they seem more substantial and have a 'filck-lock' for the upper secion (the lower sections are fixed). I still wouldn't trust them if they became jammed in a rick though.

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