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    I’d be interested in what they do in the clothing dept. There’s a lot of makers in tents, packs, quilts. But only a few doing things in clothing, and mostly quite specialized gear (insulated and wind jackets). So more specific design than large companies selling to a broader audience and options for customization could be interesting. I’m not sure how much innovation there can be in shorts... but then again I’d like running shorts with usable pockets - which are pretty hard to find.
  2. Enzo

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    Wpb shorts with safety net like swim shorts would be good.
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  4. theoctagon

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    Joey and Gridstop V2 available for pre-order
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    Not sure if it’s been mentioned already but the V2 is available again for pre order, anticipated shipping end of Nov I think.

    looks to have been a few subtle changes from the last release, again uses the same custom DP fabrics

  9. Dave V

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    I've always liked the look of these packs but was put off by the tapered shape until I got a similar pack ;-)

    I would not be put off buying one now, the fabrics used look top notch so it would last a good while too.

    I can't think of the Instagram ID but a chap I follow on there did the PCT with on and apart from a small hole in the mesh it looked in pretty good shape.
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    Ok not a pack but...

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  11. Cranston

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    But will it displace the Kiuiu Peloton 97?
    They haven't lowered the price on that since the BPLers (and then the Redditors followed) found it. Looks just like Pata Cap Thermalweight with 'roo pocket or the Macpac equivalent (which is a bargain) which is often quite a deal cheaper.
    Price guess 60 USD. Which is what I pay for the Macpac senza joey pocket. Release 50- cachet plus!
  12. theoctagon

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    Looks like a good mix of the unobtainable melly and the r1. Personally I’d take this all day long over the Kuiu
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  13. Cranston

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    Surely they wouldn't make it as heavy as those two tops do you reckon? Need a point of difference? 250-270 gms odd I am feeling. I reckon I read John Zed say he felt the Melly too (heavy) hot for active use.
  14. theoctagon

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    Who knows, a bit lighter would be nice :) we shall see
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    The Melly is very nice but surely one of the least practical fleece for hiking in all but the coldest conditions.

    I look forward to the exclusive, ultralight Poo'lante trowel. ;)
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  17. Lempo

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    Or exclusive product for the ladies, Pee'lante rag. :D
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  18. craige

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    It doesn't exactly vent well and will be fairly warm. I'd think I'd be comfy walking in it on a trail like the pct up to maybe 10°C? 10°C on a more challenging trail and I'd want venting options other than a boxy fit. Not my cup of tea anyway.

    I have 4 fleeces, 3 of which I'll use for hiking: a norrona lofoten alpha raw for the majority of trips, a haglofs l.i.m powerdry hoody (basically a full zip allez micro with thumb loops) for warmer trips or a winter base layer and a decathlon £10 grid fleece for summer trips where I'm expecting to not really need a fleece or puffy but really should take something just in case. I have a rab baseline too but it's heavier and outperformed in every way by the norrona.
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