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    I wish I had your luck with the weather Ed.
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    To answer the original question, I will put a vote in for @kamov and GramXpert if you want to go synthetic, on the basis of price and customer service. but I have only got/had 1 quilt so don't have much experience. Scotty and Marco's quilts look great also.

    As a light user, the price was my key concern and synthetic is a fair bit cheaper.
    Combining a climasheild 133 quilt with my 500 down bag should keep me happy if I ever venture out in the winter.
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  3. fluffkitten

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    Not sure if he switched to synthetic but I had seen him musing about it.
  4. murpharoo

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    Down for me. Not yet had an issue with dampness and I love the small pack size.

    I've got a synthetic quilt but I still need to use it. I can't get over the seemingly thin loft and the supposed warmth it'll provide compared to down :confused:
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  5. Enzo

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    Fooling around with apex it does seem warmer per inch of loft. Just that it doesn't loose as much of that loft when you pack!
    I've tried to get round the damp down issue by using Pertex endurance at the top and tail, OK for condensation but high humidity....
    Do have a bottle of nikwax downproof I could try.
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  6. Mole

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    My Golite quilt has endurance head and foot, and quantum body.

    On 2011 TGO it was often damp n humid.
    It seriously lost loft one night early on high in Knoydart, but after that was fine for another 11 nights of often damp conditions.

    Lots of flapping and fluffing helps:p
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  7. hillwalker66

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    I've been using an mld spirit quilt , originally bought to layer over my wm summerlite for winter . Been using on its own this summer .. been excellent.. considering getting a katabatic palasade to replace the wm summerlite as I now prefer the freedom a quilt gives
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    15% off at the mo :)
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    I know .. that's what's got me thinking ;)
  10. kamov

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    I would say the only issue with apex quilts is their packed size. Roughly they are 1/3 heavier than down quilts. I still occasionaly take my old 0°C down quilt on climbing trips where pack size matters. Higher volume also means you need a slightly bigger-heavier pack as well. But when hiking I prefer synthetic for the similar reason I use foam pad instead of inflatables – hassle free... The influences why gramxpert is all synthetic:
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  11. FOX160

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    What is the Compressed size of an Synthetic Quilt?
  12. Lady Grey

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    I was dubious re the packed size and weight but pleasantly surprised....
    Both the EE Prodigy and As Tucas Blanket compress fantastically.
    The lofting is superb and maintains depth....SO impressed
    The Prodigy...166/167??...weighs in at 750 gms and the blanket at 650gms

    Packed size...????.depends how much you personally want to compress....I still pack mine in a large MYO Cuben stuff and push out the air as I pack...no problem
    Got plenty of space in the Pack so not much fussed at over compressing.

    AND.....this trip, edges and top of the Quilt have got damp/wet....dries so fast though and never affected later lofting.
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  13. Padstowe

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    I have two down quilts but was looking into summer synthetic quilts as my down summer quilt is stitch through & not so good on its own under a tarp imo. I was surprised when comparing the as tucas sestral appex 133 size L, wide width quilt with the katabatic chisos size Reg wide width with 900fp that there is only around 94 grams between them, not really a lot.
    Although mine a phd summer collection is around 300 gram for +5 I've only found it good so far around that limit in a two skin tent with solid inner, as last year I was using it till mid oct. Doubtful I'll be doing that under a tarp as it was chilly enough a few weeks ago, but am getting a splash bivvy in a few weeks so that should keep the wind off me.
    I guess it all depends on construction of the down quilt & intended usage, like my other the katabatic aslek I was under the tarp in april with no probs.
    (but it was a lovely april)
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  14. Enzo

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    On some of the us forums I've seen people make quilts with cuben shells. They always have a strip of dwr fabric running down the baffles to vent air. Presumably they're using 0.33 cuben otherwise I don't think the weight saving from 0.6 fabric would warrant it
    . Not for me but in proper artic cold I guess it'd be like using a vapour barrier.
  15. FOX160

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    Reading further in to the Quilts and finding on the American forums on Quilts that you need to go up a further 5c for an equivalent rating to an EN rated Sleeping bag for. I.E. like for like.
    Also I have noticed that the American ratings can be far different to each American manufacturer
    as in wearing more clothing in a lower bag to increases the rating of the bag. I.E. wearing an Down/thermal hat or balaclava together with a Down jacket/synthetic jacket plus long johns/Down pants/Synthetic pants and socks or Down boots/slippers !
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  16. Ben

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    I'm sleeping under a trailstar so wanted something a little bit warmer but yeah I probably should have put it down as a 3 season quilt I'm looking for. My idea was to use it in summer (temperature dependent) then go to my wm ultralite and then combine the 2 for when it gets really cold.

    You mention dew point. Is this referring to morning dew/condensation? The outer quilt will be acting as a barrier over the down.

    I've done a bit of googling and found the enlightened equipment revelation. It has hydrophobic down and Weather resistant strips. Weighs 450g for the 30f version. What are people's thought on using this over my wm bag?

    Looking on the synthetic side there's
    bespoke ultra light
    As tucas
    Lots to look up:brb:
  17. Teepee

    Teepee Thru Hiker

    Dew point;

    As air cools, it's ability to retain moisture reduces. When it reaches a critical temperature, the air cannot carry any more moisture and dew will start to form (the Dew Point)

    As the warm air inside your sleeping insulation passes from the inside to the outside, it cools. This cooling can be enough to make moisture condense inside your sleeping insulation. It's a problem that rears it's head as it progressively gets colder. In deep cold, it means ice can form inside the insulation. (essentially, this is what vapour barrier layers combat).

    IME, this has never been a problem in the UK winter. Fog, shelter condensation, lack of breathability in shells/covers, drying damp socks and condensation on the quilt/sleeping bag shell have far more impact on loft in real world use in Blightly
  18. FOX160

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    Have found this article on the EE Revelation quilt http://www.cleverhiker.com/blog/enlightened-equipment-revelation-quilt-review in which he advises to size up for a like for like with an EN sleeping bag.

    Maybe the Gramexpert with an full length zip would be the answer?

    One thing is regarding what ever the manufacturer I have not seen any EN rated.
  19. FOX160

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    Found Gramexpert giving 5% off for all UL Forums till the end of 2017
    Code ULforums2017
    Geschrieben 19. Mai · Antwort melden

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Kajo and I am a co-founder of a new EU based (Slovenia) UL cottage gear maker - GramXpert, which just started to sell custom UL gear. I really like this site, especially the MYOG section, because is more technical than other UL forums. I got much inspiration from you, so I published the announcement here first[​IMG]

    You are welcome to take a look at our website:


    Currently we are mostly making quilts but we also plan to produce packs (summer/autumn), shelters (probably next year) and other accessories.

    Also in few months we will open a small UL specialized MYOG shop, with some very interesting items to complement other EU based shops.

    Current production time is 3-6 days

    We offer free worldwide shipping on all our items

    Until the end of june you can buy our items with up to 10% discount and get free gift with all purchases over 100€. Additionally we offer 5% discount for all UL forum members Code: ULforums2017 (this code is valid till the end of 2017 and discounts do stack up [​IMG])


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    OR....Scotty as he is in the UK......on our doorstep.
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    Not heard of, do you have links !
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    "Small Pack size"..;).sshhhh Dave, don't tell everybody....:eek:
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    Unless down gets surpassed in warmth to weight,i am keeping my feathers...:rolleyes:
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