Returns to US for repair?

Discussion in 'Shopping' started by JKM, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. JKM

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    My TT Stratosphere 1 was damaged at the weekend and tarptent have offered to repair it under warranty which is good of them and I would prefer they do it as they know the tent best.

    The question is, will I just be exposing myself to endless hassle with customs etc over vat/duty when it is returned to me?

    TT say they can get it back to me in time for the SDW meet but I don't fancy a load of agro or delays from border force.

  2. Clare

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    I returned an arc blast to zpacks and they marked the parcel of an arc scout as “replacement”. It came through without any problems.

    Repaired and replacement items shouldn’t attract import duty. A repair would be a vat chargeable service if carried out in this country but vat obviously not chargeable on services provided elsewhere.

    I think you’ll be ok
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  3. NEEpps

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    Calre is right and you may be alright, there is a chance customs can hold the goods awaiting documentation. You will have to provide an audit trail and a declaration from TarpTent of the work carried out under warranty. You will also have to provide details of the original customs declaration.

    Funnily enough my Strat had the same problem caused by me grabbing the area whilst attempting to sit down. I repaired it with some silnet and a bit of hand sewing.
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  4. Clare

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    I didn’t have to provide details of the original customs declaration and I couldn’t have, if asked.
  5. FOX160

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    Sorry never seen this before I could have given this to a very good seamstress near me !
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  6. The Cumbrian

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    I had a bit of hassle when my repaired Warbonnet hammock was returned to me. I was charged import duty, but I queried it and got a refund. It was a bit of a PITA though.
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  7. maddogs

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