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  1. slovhike

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    Reading this "V21 on the shoulder straps to reduce stretching and increase long term durability" here: made me thinking....wasnt there consensus that slight stretch in the shoulder strap material is wanted thus xpac better to be avoid and replaced with stretchy fabric( Xgrid, Cordura).....Also if memory serves some bag makers kept saying that xpac is prone to cracking if used for the aplication...

    Confused? Thoughts?
  2. Teepee

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    There is little give in Xpac due to the cross grid and this stresses the seams on each edge of the strap. However, it can be accounted for and I use the spacer mesh to reinforce this area.

    I can't say for sure if vx21 will crack, but it hasn't on any of my packs or pouches after many hundreds of days hauling...and I put more in my packs than most.

    Only 10% or so of my strap forms the seam to my packs...webbing or GG does the centre, extremely tough spacer mesh does the strap edges and that runs 10mm in from each edge.

    However, X-pac is very expensive and a lot is wasted making straps. Oxford/Cordura is much cheaper and doesn't add a lot of weight.
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    It wouldn't be my first choice for straps. I'm coming around to the idea that spacer mesh both sides makes lots of sense. It's heavy but the breathability would be optimal and its pretty strong.

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