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  1. NEEpps

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    Just put my a preliminary kit list together for a 3 day trip on the SWCP next week.


    I would value some input as to whether it passes muster and if I could lose some weight. A few observations that may help.

    Looking at the shoe / sleep bag /clothing weights, I should point out the sizes do not help. I am a bit anal about keeping kit dry, hence the number of dry packs / pack cover. The tent I have had for a few years and it has served me well. It is bug free, 5000 hh and big enough for me and my kit amd weighs less than the TN. It have seen a couple of poor revews regarding condensation / build quality but I have never had a problem.
    If the weather changes the clothing may change slightly along with the mat (i have a exped down mat 5 ) which is very warm but I don't find that comfy due to the baffles. If its warm I would just take a coolmax sheet and a light mountain warehouse bag used as a quilt.
    The reason for the mug and pot is that i'm a coffee adict and will take rombouts coffee filters, lyons bags and pilfered milk cups (wild bean cafe or macdonalds).
    I have taken delivery of some LYO meals from Base camp foods and am looking forward to giving them a try alongside the staple of Vesta Chow Mein.
    A couple of questions:-
    Does anyone take the case from the Petzl and if not what do they use?
    What can I decante the talc and wilderness wash into?
    Base camp foods kindy also sent me a sachet of Growers cup coffee, has anyone given this a try?
    The trekking poles appear heavy compared to others, but they need to be robust and extend to 127cm. Any recommendations?
    How do you pack your raingear?
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  2. widu13

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    Old soldiers trick for the talc/footpower...put it into two ziplocs, one big enough to get your toes/foot into and immerse your toes/foot in the powder. Far less waste than sprinkling and far better coverage. You don't say if you have retained your doss bag's stuff sack? If you have ditch that and the doss bag will make better use of the available space. Ditch the pillow's stuff sack- it can go in with the doss bag. Its personal choice but I don't use canister stabilisers with my small pots. Changing to a tall malleable windscreen that is free standing will save 60g.

    My headlight goes into an electronic "bag" can you tape over the on/off button and ditch the cover? Polycryo instead of the footprint will save another 80g ish.

    You are already at a great weight. If it works for you fantastic; your load out isn't much different from mine. I put mine in dry bags to keep stuff separate so I can find them, not really for keeping it dry. Unless you have a rucksack material that is water resistant on the outside, a rain cover is sensible otherwise the bag will soak up the rain to a degree and be heavier anyway.

    My raingear will either go in the outside pockets or at the very top of the bag. Depends on my mood!

    Enjoy the trip.
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  3. Mole

    Mole Thru Hiker

    Looks ok, for just 3 days, I might not take the spare legs/top but take a very light insulation jacket instead.
    Your Quito is a warm layer too

    Cook set seems heavy to me. ( The windshield! - might as well carry a jetboil)
    But I use meths and a light plastic mug.

    Plus, on the SwCp I'd eat in cafes/pubs more to save weight and camp wherever near sunset.

    Coffee . I have tried the bags/packs etc and find them gimmicky and all not as nice as a my choice of off the shelf ground coffee in a zip-lock bag. Plus they often cost a lot and generate unnecessary rubbish. I use an 11g mug filter.

    Washkit/misc seems excessive weight.

    Waterproofs sit in the stretchy outside pocket of pack or in top or the slipped between liner and pack. ( If it's wet you are wearing them?)

    I'd wear trainers myself. Boots seem OTT. ( Assume they are bootsat that weight? I wear 47s too)

    Where are you walking/camping?

    I live near swcp
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  4. Baldy

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  5. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    I put my Petzl into my ziploc ditty bag, along with my repair kit, first aid

    I decant my foot powder into a little 10ml bottle, that's usually enough to last me for a week or so on the trail. Have a look at Ampulla or on ebay for cheap mini bottles/containers

    LYO are great, the pork loin and peppercorn is a favourite
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  6. Max

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    Cant see a water carrier.
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  7. NEEpps

    NEEpps Ultralighter

    Widu13. Thanks for the tip with the talc, I will give give that a try. I will ditch the pillow bag and throw it into the sane stuff sasck as the bag. The bag came with 2 bags, a compresion sack and a larger bag for retaining the loft whilst storing, neither of them was great. I can tape over the switch on the petzl and will do that. I will be eating in Cafes etc but also a little xtra rations just before bed.
    I will ditch the windshield and either myo or not bother. The SPS is now integrated as I amended the pegging points so all 3 sets of points are now one.
    Mole. The second set is mainly for sleeping in or in case I get wet. You are right about the quito being a warm jacket, the UA fleece is very thin and can be used as a base layer. I have a Rab thin pullon somewhere which fits the bill. Thanks for the coffee view, where do you get the filter?. I will probably do from Sandbanks to Weymouth but won't make it passed Swanage on the 1st day so will doss wherever. Day 2 i will probably stop somewhere near Mupe. Day 3 will be Osmington. If I go a bit quicker I might go to abbotsbury along the ridgeway and come back into Weymouth but its a great walk so will take my time. It's nice to stop in Swanage, Durlston and Lulworth cove for an hour or so.
    The Scarpa Zens are approch shoes rather than boots. I have a pair of Asics but I prefer the Zens as they really hug the heel but have losts of space in the toe box. I broke my ankles years ago windsurfing and like a bit of extra support. I must admit they are not the lightest though. My Scarpa ZG10 boots weigh 1900 gr. Raingear will go in the mesh pocket or top of pack as I don't use a liner.
    Baldy. Comb? Classic!!!!!
    Shewie. I have the pork one and am looking forward to giving it a try.
    Max. Water is fairly easy to come by so will take a couple of 750ml bottles. No chance of using a Sawyer.
  8. Mole

    Mole Thru Hiker

    Nice area. I haven't got that far east beyond Weymouth for quite a few years now.

    I use a Chatsford Mug Infuser. Had it for many years. Ditched the drip tray/lid

    Does coffee or loose tea.

    MSR mug mate is a heavier more expensive version of the same thing.
  9. NEEpps

    NEEpps Ultralighter

    Many thanks Mole. Ordered from All about Tea
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  10. Charles42

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    agree ,cook set seems heavy. Gave up on gas (Jetboil etc ) Now a meths man.
    My total cook/kitchen set incl 7 days fuel,mug,shield,spoon,bowl,stove, etc is around 235 grms
    Took me a while to get there though. Now well past pension age so weight important to me.
    The Quito is good jacket but a bit short and heavy. Might be too warm.
    LYO meals a good choice now Fuizion Foods have gone. Wash kit a bit heavy for
    only a 3 day trip.

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