TGO Mallaig to St. Cyrus Part 1

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    My chosen start point was Mallaig. I knew it was going to be a long Thursday travelling. Taxi picked my up at 4.30 for the 35 minute journey to Gatwick. Quickly got the Ohm wrapped and checked before heading for breakfast at Jamie's not Italian. Arrived Glasgow at 8.45 where there was a bit of a queue for the shuttle bus into the town. Had a 3 hour wait for the train which was useful for the purchase of gas and a smart water bottle.
    By 12:00 Queen st. station looked full of several coach loads of Saga holidaymakers. Only the last 2 carraiges were going to Mallaig and were chocker with rucksacks. The poor trolley attendant was worked off her feet as she explained they usually had 2 or 3 passengers. The five and a half hour journey passed quickly with all the stories of past challenges. Arrived at 17.45 to check in at the West Highland hotel for dinner and a few beers.

    Day 1
    Mallaig - Runival
    Distance 20.04km Time taken 6.5 hours
    Ascent 787 m Max Height 487m

    All jumped on the 10:30 ferry which due to the weather we were all unsure whether it was going to run. A few brave challengers ventured outside only to get a good soaking. After the obligatory photo the crossing started in earnest.
    (ferry in the background)


    Mam Barrisdale


    Plenty of deer around the Barrisdale Bothy


    Mark and I were there first to arrive at Runival. After checking that the house there was empty we pitched next to Loch Baeg. We were soon joined by a number of other challengers.



    Day 2
    Runival - River Loyne
    Distance 24.58km Time taken 12 hours
    Ascent 973 m Max Height 524m

    Mark and I were the first away in the morning, the wind had died and it was a fine morninmg. We made our way around the Loch towards Kinloch Hourn.


    Kinloch Hourn was a popular spot for a bit of tea and cake.


    From Kinloch Hourn it was a stiff climb to Loch Bealach


    A steep, slippery decent took us to the Wester Glen Quoich Burn which was followed to Alltbeithe where new roads were being constructed. After a long fairly flat path I reached the River Loyne which due to the low water levels was easy to ford.


    Day 3
    River Loyne - Invergarry Campsite
    Distance 24.68km Time taken 9.9 hours
    Ascent 508 m Max Height 491m

    Another warm day with a brisk climb up Mam Na Seilg.


    Here we met legend Mick "Croydon" who was on his 19th crossing, we would meet him again later in the day. After the decent we picked up the road to Inchlaggen. My route took me south of Loch Garry but after looking at the state of the Forest after logging I decided to stay on the road all the way to the campsite.

    Day 4
    Invergarry Campsite - Fort Augustus
    Distance 13.3km Time taken 4.5 hours
    Ascent 73 m Max Height 110m

    A nice easy day following the Great Glen Way up the Caledonian Canal into Fort Augustus. Mark, Croydon and Myself made a quick stop at the petrol station / Shop in Invergarry before hitting the fleshpots of Fort Augustus, a very good meal at the Loch Inn and a soft bed at Morags Lodge Bunkhouse.

    The swing bridge and Oich Bridge


    The canal leading to the Locks at Fort Augustus


    Loch Ness in the background


    Things were soon to get a lot harder.
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    Nice write up Neil and some lively pictures. Looking forward to the next instalment :)

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    Good pictures Neil. Weather looked great. Eagerly awaiting your next upload.
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    13.3km on a "easy day" :eek:
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    Great pictures, write up and weather, look forward to the rest of the report :)
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    Thanks @NEEpps Runival looks fantastic
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    Nice one. Glad you had reasonable weather.

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