Thermarest Vesper -6c quilt - initial impression

Discussion in 'Reviews & Previews' started by sherpa, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. sherpa

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    I have just taken delivery of this quilt, i have not used it as yet; so what follows is simply initial observations:

    I'm 6ft tall and ordered the long version of the quilt as one of the key selling points of quilts for me is the ability to wrap the quilt around/over me as conditions dictate. Specs here:

    I was happy to wait for this quilt to be available in the UK as it had all of my desired features.

    And upon receipt, I have to say I am extremely impressed - the quality is immaculate. I have far too much gear and already own high quality bags from the likes of PHD and Western Mountaineering - the Vesper quilt is of at least the same standard of manufacture as these brands.

    The loft is amazing and the perimeter side baffles look like they will be highly effective. The foot box is also shaped (unlike many bags/quilts which have a simple oval plug) - this was an important feature for me to be able to accommodate my size 13's without compressing the foot area which usually leads to cold tootsies...

    Aside from using the quilt as a stand-alone item, I plan to pair it up with my As Tucas 133g Sestrals quilt which will make me damp-proof for extended winter trips, and i reckon that the combined quilts will see me comfortable to around -15c - not bad at all for around 1200g total.
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    Cheers, look forward to hearing how happy you are after using at various temps, and humidity.
  3. Shewie

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    It'll be good to hear how you get on with this, the numbers look good

    I very nearly bought one when they came out but got a good deal on a Cumulus at the time, the footbox looks interesting, I have bags with that type of FB and they work well
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    I trust my own judgement on temperature ratings. 335g of 900 fill in box wall construction - we should be able to decide for ourselves how that will perform. Fine for me at freezing point.

    As I’d mentioned in my initial post, I bought the large so I can drape comfortably over me. I don't like using any quilt attachment system.

    I bought the large for £317 so bearing in mind the quilts available without potential significant import costs, I
    I am quite happy with the purchase
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