Torridon and Fisherfield - October 2017

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  1. Mole

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    A trip last Autumn through part of NW Scotland
    Pics here

    We went by train to Achnashellach
    Walked on to Torridon via Sgorr Ruadh. Camped just prior to the latter. Ok weather.


    2 Nights at Torridon campsite. Did Liathach as a day walk. Misty and atmospheric up on the ridge.

    Heavy rain, did the walk around the back of Liathach, decided to bail due to heavy rain and wind and worse forecast, end of some Atlantic hurricane.

    2 Nights in Kinlochewe Bunkhouse. Rest day in between.

    Then, walk to camp near Carnmore Bothy via Loch Maree/Letterewe.

    My klymit mat leaked. Too wet to find leak, but scored a ccf mat next morning from the pile in the frankly disgusting, bothy. Used it for the next few nights. Not as bad as expected.

    Next day, up into Fisherfield.
    A' Mhaigdean, fantastic views despite the low cloud, fierce wind and rain!

    Scramble up Ruadh Stac Mor, then down to Gleann na Muice Beag to camp.

    Then, next morning, up to Sgurr Ban. Weather atrocious. No visibility on tops. Cold, wet n blowy. Down to Coire ban Clach, then down to Loch an Nid. Tried to pitch tents but wind a bit heavy, so camped downstream a couple of miles.

    Next day, up to An Tealleach. Fantastic. See photos! The morning/early afternoon was the best weather of the trip.

    Came off down Glas Tholl, camp spots not seen, dropped to camp in pine wood near Dundonell House. A long day. Rain came in overnight.

    Next day. Wet wet wet. Glad we came off the higher hills . A mornings walk over to Inverlael.

    A hitch into Ullapool. A lady with a mini ( cat on front seat and full boot!) picked up 3 dripping guys in black hooded waterproofs- it was a squash in the back. Bless her.

    No accomodation due to closed campsite and a Guitar festival, so bus back to Inverness a day early.
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  2. Jamess

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    Some old favourites in that little lot.

    If you've never been, NW Scotland should be high on your 'to do' list. Even the weather is 'atmospheric.'
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  3. Mole

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  4. cathyjc

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    "Atmosphereic weather " …… should have taken FWC with you :D. Lovely pics.
    I did this lot ~ 25yrs ago and my memories of them are now much too 'faint' …. good excuse to do them again ?? :whistling:
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  5. Mole

    Mole Thru Hiker

    Go Back Cathy!

    @Fair Weather Camper and I were there spring 2017. Went to Torridon area after the Cairngorms this spring. We have a friend who has moved to Gairloch, so will probably be exploring that whole NW area again fairly regularly.
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  6. cathyjc

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    @Mole I was going to visit daughter next w/e, (she's based in Gairloch for 5 weeks) - but guess what ?? - she's off to Findhorn for some sort of 'Wilderness Medicine" get together then :confused::(.
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  7. Fair Weather Camper

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    Oh Lord Cathy - she'll be turning into some kind of NHS funded Herbal Shamen Healer :rolleyes:

    Another two trip reports to do - must carve out some time and space [-------] for that - Oh yes in Spring 2017 i think it rained for almost two whole days in total - i have to let this happen from time to time - to justify carrying a waterproof .. :angelic:
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  8. WilliamC

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    Excellent stuff. It looks as if it was a tough but beautiful trip. I'll have to bookmark it for viewing properly on a computer when I'm back home in a couple of weeks.
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  9. cathyjc

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    ….. not beyond the realms of possibility :whistling:.
  10. el manana

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    Thanks @Mole - this area is on my list, so many of them.

    can i come next time? :)



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  11. edh

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    Avoiding my long-planned Fisherfield super-route'll never get done.

    I'd like to see more pictures it looks good...a tad inclement for a wimp like me, but great when it cleared.

    Seem to have missed a lot of TRs this summer; phone not the best tool for it.
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  12. Mole

    Mole Thru Hiker

    Why not? ;)

    Well the photos on other TRs should still be up when you are back at the desktop .

    Could have done with your helpful patient guidance on some of the more scrambly bits:hilarious:
    ( Worst of which I avoided on account of being frit of ( falling off)heights)
  13. Nevis

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    Ohhh I love my home village (Ullapool) and area...wish I could get home more often...saying that doing a weeks camping there with my GF next week :) Some lovely pics there and looks like very standard weather!
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  14. Nevis

    Nevis Section Hiker

    Don't suppose you have a route map of that trip?

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