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  1. Clare

    Clare Section Hiker

    has anyone had problems with this retailer? Something I ordered should have been delivered well over a week ago but the order page shows it still in transit to its postal room and hasn't been updated since I ordered it, the online enquiry form doesn't work but just goes to a revolving circle and the telephone number switches to answerphone immediately.
  2. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    It's one I've avoided Clare, reviews are pretty poor on the whole

    I hope you get sorted
  3. dovidola

    dovidola Section Hiker

  4. Enzo

    Enzo Thru Hiker

    I used them once. They sent the wrong item after a very long delay. Returning it and getting my money back was an even longer process, not recommended.
  5. Taz38

    Taz38 Section Hiker

    No no no!
  6. pound foolish

    pound foolish Backpacker

    I`ve bought from them only once. The item took a little longer to arrive than I expected but I believe they are in Spain so no surprise there. I now prefer to buy from UK retailers.
  7. paul

    paul Thru Hiker

    I used them once. Was v v slow but I got what I ordered eventually.
  8. Clare

    Clare Section Hiker

    :( Oops. My card issuer is initiating a dispute. What a drag. The card issuer will refund me eventually.
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  9. craige

    craige Thru Hiker

    I've ordered once, no complaints. Arrived within a week and was what I ordered. I've seen plenty others complaining though.
  10. Diddi

    Diddi Section Hiker

    No complaints on the once i have used them.
    Tracking was spot on too.
    Tho i do believe returning something can be a nightmare..
  11. WilliamC

    WilliamC Thru Hiker

    There used to be a (mainly negative) thread about them on OM. They seem to have optimised their web presence so that if I initiate a shopping search on google their site comes up first in spite of the fact I should be getting Turkish based retailers.
    They also have Runinn and a number of other -inn named websites.
  12. Clare

    Clare Section Hiker

    They are optimised, they come up everywhere, with very good prices. I have a feeling I have used them once before and it was a not great experience although the stuff did arrive and they did have customer services answering the phone. A reviewer on the trust pilot website writing in September 2018 also says he can't get through to them on phone or via their site and suspects they have gone out of business. Anyway, paid by CC luckily, so I will get re-imbursed.
  13. Nevis

    Nevis Section Hiker

    Think they run a number of other sites with the Trek prefix. Bought something about six months ago and it took about three weeks to arrive, their email answer to my query as to how long it would take to arrive was answered pretty quick.
  14. edh

    edh Thru Hiker

    Had no problem with them; been a while though.
  15. Clare

    Clare Section Hiker

    The morning after I make a complaint to the card issuer, I get a dispatch note. TrekkInn lives, breathes, and trades after all.
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  16. Jon jons

    Jon jons Summit Camper

    Just thought I'd mention my avoidance of outdoorGB too, taking cash for items they don't have but say they do.

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