Trip Report: Backpacking the Uinta Highline Trail, July 2018

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    I left Casper and covered 100 miles before camping for the night north of Rawlins, avoiding all the major thunderstorms that threatened the area. I covered the last 200 miles the following day and met up with Shan, my “shuttle” at the turn off for the Red Cloud Loop north of Vernal, UT. He arrived earlier than expected; I was just finishing lunch and nowhere near ready. I hate feeling rushed, even if I’m not actually being rushed…I always forget something. We switched vehicles and gave each other a run down of the ins and outs of the each other’s vehicle. Shan was heading up to the Hacking Lake/ Leidy Peak TH and would be hiking west from there. I was driving his car to the west end and leaving it at the Highline Trail trailhead on SH150, and would be hiking east. It was a good plan.

    I headed south, through Vernal and Duschene and got nailed by some torrential rain. The Lexus hybrid was definitely different to drive. I met up with a friend for dinner in Heber City, another final farewell (there seem to be a lot of those lately), before covering the last 50 miles to the trailhead. I had planned on covering a few miles but it was cold and still threatening to storm so I pulled out my pad and quilt and spent a very uncomfortable night in the car.

    Day 1: Highline Trail Trailhead to Rock Creek

    Monday dawned clear and blue and I quickly packed up, made final use of real privies and hit the trail by 9am. For a long time there was very little to write home about as the trail stayed mostly in the trees, passing turn-offs to lakes and basins either high or low. We passed several other groups coming the other way, including some solo hikers and others with loose dogs (and only two out of five kept control of their animals…it gets old, especially without even an attempt or a care, and barely an apology).

    As we took a break after an hour of hiking we were passed by a very large, very noisy group of day hikers…there must have been twenty of them. They were all polite though and I ran into a couple of them a few miles further up as they were resting…they were astounded that I was planning to be in the wilderness solo for seven days with the dogs and insisted on taking our picture…they were very sweet and I obliged.

    Part 1 continues here:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:
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    excellent report. I love the shot of the Duplex in the meadow in part 1. sounds like a mad dash to finish on the last day!
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    Very nice trip report :)
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    Nice one - and by the way, not just horses being better at steep treacherous climbs than downhill... people and elephants too...;)
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    Well I probably would have died of shock if I'd seen an elephant on this trail!
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    Thank you. I do these partly for my own memories and partly for family, and also to help others research. I've read a few trip reports of this trail but only a couple were detailed. I had a person in my home town in Wyoming (someone I'd never met before) ask me if I was the Nomadic Pawprints blogger because my trip report of one particular trail was the only info they could find on it. I like to hear my stuff is helping people.
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    Enjoyed reading that :thumbsup:
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    Me too :)
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    Thanks all. I enjoy writing them.

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