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Discussion in 'Shopping' started by Jak connolly, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. gixer

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    My opinion for what it's worth

    I would not buy a 0.51 CF tent
    Long term wear and tear and failure in bad weather are my concerns
    So that rules out the tarptent range of CF tents

    I would not buy a larger silnylon tent
    Had problems with the material sagging
    Smaller silnylon tents seem to be less of a problem, but personally i wouldn't buy another

    The Duplex is a great tent size wise for it's weight
    But the door closing system and inability to pitch low in bad weather means i only use mine in good weather

    X-mid looks promising
    Personally i'd need to have some real use opinions before i bought one though

    I went for a Locus Gear Khufu
    It's 0.71oz CF, 320g for the outer and 360g for the 3/4 inner
    Workmanship is good
    Had a couple of blustery nights in it and it was comfortable inside with no concern of failing
    the 3/4 solid inner is 360g

    On the bad side, i miss the views i get with the Duplex/Stratosphere 2 if the weathers turn good (i like having 2 doors)
    I keep banging the pole in the middle of the tent when sleeping
    I've used the 2 pole thing (DPTE) which is great and frees up a LOT of space inside, but it means you have a really saggy inner if you use this
    To the point that it affected my sleep, as it keeps twappng me on the head all night

    There should be an option to buy shorter inners for those of us that only use the DPTE

    So far i'm happy with my options
    Duplex for good weather use, Khufu for bad weather

    I've not found 1 tent that does it all for me yet.
    Maybe if tarptent made a CF Scarp using 0.71oz CF and it weight under 1kg i'd sell the other 2 and buy it
    At the min it seems like TT are stuck on using 0.51oz though, so i'm out
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  2. FOX160

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    Thanks to @WilliamC we purchased the Swiftline 2 over the Stratosphere 2 and very glad we had, the Swiftline is a great Tent/tents as you get two tents in one, together with the 10” bathtub floor so no drafts and for us no need for a solid inner and a lot lighter 975g tent only (not including stakes) with 360degree catenary curves plus many other reasons. The silpoly doesn’t sag, but I didn’t find the silnylon on the Mo Trail (Tarptent) to ever sag, but unsure of the new Silnylon pro material. I am looking to buying the Cirriform 1person DW or the Swiftline 1 person soon.
    Chap here Gregory J shares a review between the Swiftline and Stratosphere https://www.yamamountaingear.com/swiftline-2P/
    @Jak connolly PM if you like more info.
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  3. Jak connolly

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    Hmmm, I’m interested in the swiftline 2. Is there a dcf option? Not many reviews on YouTube. Could only find 1. If you know where the comparison is between the 2, have you a link? Ss li is so appealing over most now.
  4. WilliamC

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    There is no DCF option for the Swiftline, and I doubt there will be in the future (it's been around long enough). It's a good tent, though, and a reasonable weight even in silnylon (we have the older version) or silpoly.
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    The Ultamid 2 is also a good option. That's what I've used for many years. Bought it for two persons and used it multiple times on solo hikes too. Coped with the high winds in Iceland and other places so it'll work for UK too. I currently run a Khufu DCF-B but I haven't had that strong winds in it yet to compare it to the Ultamid.
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  6. el manana

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    Using Mids with a groundsheet, bivvy, or the like looks a great set up for people who like this fly only style. Start hanging inners with minimal attachment points and their sloping walls and you just end up with a poor man's tent.

    If you want a tent you're better off with TarpTent, Yama, Trekkertent or the like.
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    Tramplite shelter is back on eBay

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