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    As you will see I have changed things around slightly on trek-lite over the last few days, I have created an area away from the main forum pages for donating members which will accommodate any off topic discussions going forward. I've never been keen on the idea of paywalling areas off but I feel these new measures will help the forum retain it's focus.

    This is very much a trial and I'll be monitoring threads to see how this works out.

    If threads in the regular forums get hijacked and drift off there's a good chance they'll get moved into Off Topic, I'd like to avoid this if possible so please try to stay relevant to the thread topic.

    I'll also mention that I've made some changes to the rules and regulations, nothing major but I advise everyone to read them as I'll be handling things differently around here from now on.

    As always I hope you enjoy your time at trek-lite and I appreciate the feedback I've been receiving lately.
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