West Highland Way Kit list Help Needed!

Discussion in 'Kit Lists' started by Raddy, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. Raddy

    Raddy Trekker

    Hey, me and a friend are going to be doing The West Highland Way which starts at Milngavie near Glasgow and finishes at Fort William near Ben Nevis.

    It is around 96 miles long and we are going to be attempting to climb Ben Nevis once we have reached the End.

    Will be completing it around May 2019, but we need to prepare and we both have families which is the reason next year May.

    We know this will be a challenge and together we have only completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks, he has no previous, I have Army experience so I am more used to stuff like this but we still need some help and advice if possible.

    We will be Purchasing a Tent that will clip onto the outside of our bags which is helpful and it weigh's around 1.3kg, we both have hydration packs.

    Footwear I have Salomon Quest Prime Gtx and he will be purchasing some Boots or either hiking Shoes.

    Other then that we need everything from decent clothing(will be snowy up top of Ben Nevis) and it may be raining along the Hike, a decent sleeping bag, walking poles etc.

    Anything you can suggest that may help will be taken on board. We want to keep weight down to a minimal but obviously not break the bank in buying them, I realise some products you have to spend in order to get the best but sometimes others are just as good from reviews.

    Thank you for taking time to read and helping me and my friend out.
  2. Scottk

    Scottk Trail Blazer

    How long are you going to take? Carrying all your food or eating along the way? Wild camp or campsite? These will all make a difference to what you need to carry.
    Weather could be almost anything but you have a decent chance of good weather. You will be looking at near freezing temps overnight.
    Sleeping bag rated to 0 degrees. Boost with your bag with the clothes you have with you. I like to keep a base layer for sleeping in.
    Set of waterproofs. I use lightweight ones but whatever works for you.
    Rucksack-keep the weight down if possible. Saw a few people on the WHW with 70l bags and they weren't enjoying it.
    Stove and food if required. You could get off with something like a jetboil between you and dried food to keep the weight down.
    A windproof top is handy- I have an arcteryx atom sl which is brilliant and has some insulation in the body. I used this and a t shirt most of the way but I got good weather!
    Walking poles-you can get decent Alpkit ones for a reasonable price. Alpkit might be good for you for sleeping bags and clothing. Also, go outdoors has some good stuff.
    Wash kit, first aid and toilet kit. Try and keep them all light.
  3. Raddy

    Raddy Trekker

    We plan on doing it around 6 days and completing Ben Nevis on the 7th, will be carrying meals ready to eat and taking some food if we pass some shops along the way but primarily will be full on food just incase. we will be wild camping but our tent can be attatched to a flip on the outside of my backpack, yeah will be wearing some clothing in our sleeping bag's, we was looking at getting some waterproof jackets, our backpacks are 25L, will be taking a stove, gas can and obviously what we need like a cup for coffee if too cold I guess, walking poles are a must as they hold our tent up so we don't need tent pole's, yeah go outdoors is good with some of the stuff we need and thank you :)
  4. Enzo

    Enzo Thru Hiker

    Best and cheapest way to save weight IMHO is to not buy stuff you won't use. Sadly you need to buy it and take it with you before you can find out you won't need it! And of course there is no point getting a pack till you know what kit your going to bring!
    That said a trekking pole shelter is a good place to save Weight, they can be very affordable and light if you are prepared to go to Chinese made and avoid the US brands.

    If you can get used to not using an inner and the midges aren't about just using a ground sheet of polychryo saves weight and money

    Stove wise I'd recommend a toaks 650 or 900
    With a 'stormin stoves' cone and burner
    Sleep pads people seem to go for thermarest neoair, sea to summit and klymit. Not budget options but good. Alpkit numo could be a cheaper option, with some aluminium faced close cell foam under it if its cold, 100-200g heavier, but 100 cheaper than the neoair.
    Sleeping bags I can't help much with, good spec ones from China can be had at about a ton but I've not used them, otherwise its two or three times that for quality stuff. Lots of weight to be saved on these so worth a bit of investigation.
    I know nothing of the WHW, though its on my list of ones to do with my kids when they are a little older.
  5. DuneElliot

    DuneElliot Section Hiker

    First place I'd start is doing some SERIOUS research of your own. Figure out HOW you want to hike and then narrow down your gear choices in that manner.

    Asking for advice on absolutely everything is not easy and I'm not sure most of us are willing to write out that much advice on person-specific gear. I spent weeks and months researching the perfect gear for me...reading reviews (not on Amazon), reading blogs, watching videos, deciding what I wanted in a piece of gear...and you know what, I still got some of it wrong. If I had gone with gear recommended by others I would have got more wrong as it wouldn't have worked for me.

    HOWEVER, if you want advice on gear give us some parameters on what you are wanting" Price, quality, weight etc on EVERYTHING you need to buy.

    If it gives you an idea, most of my my budget was spent on tent, quilt and pack...those are the things that need to fit YOU best
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  6. Padstowe

    Padstowe Thru Hiker

    Hi & welcome
    Have you tried to carry so many days meals plus gear in your 25L pack before? Not trying to be funny but its very ambitious to pack for a weeks trip in may with a 25L imo.
    But then again your army, so what do I know you're maybe used to going spartan :)
  7. Raddy

    Raddy Trekker

    @Padstowe I hvent no I was thinking of buying a 40L osprey backpack and im ex-forces now but still have the experience so I know a little :) yeah I understand it is a big ask @DuneElliot but im just getting peoples opinions and options as saving weight etc, I will be trying a lot of stuff on before hand and trying a 1-2 day hike before hand to see work some stuff out too, and @Enzo I will have a look into all of that and see if any is sutible for me thank you.
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  8. Taz38

    Taz38 Thru Hiker

    I think you'll need a bigger bag, if you're looking at osprey then the kestrel 48 or tallon 44 or exos 48 should do. I have 55L bag which works for me.
    A down sleeping bag will be warmer and pack down smaller, I've learnt this form experience. If you two are sharing I would get a 3 man tent. A good set of waterproofs will be essential and an insulated jacket for cold evenings/ nights. Work out food rations and how many shops/ cafes/pubs you will come across (and are open), dehydrated food is obviously lightest.
  9. Baldy

    Baldy Thru Hiker

    What is the tent you have/will be getting that clips into your pack and requires walking poles?
  10. Raddy

    Raddy Trekker

    @Baldy its one from ebay, ill post some pictures of it up and folded down £33 or something, its light also and the best one we have came across so far, @Taz38 I think I will need a bigger bag also but I have heard osprey are the best not too sure if they are better brands? we will be getting a good set of waterproofs and yeah we are looking at jackets etc, for food rations I was thinking of obviously breakfast/dinner and tea meals ready to eat, and snacks inbetween the day, yeah we are going to work out a detailed route which we mark out possible food stops just incase.
  11. Raddy

    Raddy Trekker

  12. DuneElliot

    DuneElliot Section Hiker

  13. tom

    tom Thru Hiker

    Osprey are good packs but not all that light and not everyones choice. Many people here myself included use MLD, GG and zpacks packs and these are available occasionally second hand here or on ebay.

    To start with, I would be looking at packs at https://www.ultralightoutdoorgear.co.uk/ and http://www.backpackinglight.co.uk/
    Both specialise in light quality equipment, lots info and ideas, and you need not worry about import fees and taxes for buying US stuff directly.

    You can find top quality down sleeping bags from http://sleepingbags-cumulus.eu/ in Poland at very good prices.

    You'll find reviews on most light hiking gear online on forums if you search. Definitely worthwhile IMO
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  14. Raddy

    Raddy Trekker

    @DuneElliot will take that to consideration, already got footwear, pair of Salomon quest prime gtx, sleeping bags I was thinking of using my old army sleeping bag that weighs around 1.4kg and goes into a bag so is compressed, and we stuck on the tent side of it but we didnt want a massive one and a one that could be help up by poles.
  15. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

    My (now) hubby used his 'old army sleeping bag' on our first trip out (to a bothy) - it was April in Scotland.
    He kept telling me how good it was - I wasn't so certain but kept 'stum'.
    After freezing his **** off all night I heard no more about the SB (no-idea what he did with it :bag:) and we went out and got something that was up to the job.
    Yours may be different - but I'd do a 'dummy run' in it (locally ?) so you don't find yourself in a 'pickle'.
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  16. Raddy

    Raddy Trekker

    @tom will have into some of them backpacks and see what they are like, id be buying from the uk so I may have to worry haha! yeah everyone is giving me a lot of ideas which are helping a lot because I was looking at things on the cheap, but not realising how much they weigh, where I could get the same product for maybe £5-£10 more on some things and saving weight
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  17. Raddy

    Raddy Trekker

    @cathyjc since we have already done Yorkshire 3 peaks we was going to do the 3 peaks, set up camp and then do 3 peaks again the day after to see how well our equipment performed etc.
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  18. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

  19. Taz38

    Taz38 Thru Hiker

    I would definitely look at a better quality tent, lots of decent ones on ebay, or get something like a msr elixer. Tents will be in the sale from now on so a good time to look. Or get a DD tarp and use bivibags.

    Aliexpress has decent gear too (naturehike, 3f ul) but it can take 6 weeks to arrive.
    Decathlon is good too (but their online shop is tricky to use).

    I agree with Cathy on the sleepingbag, but if you're warm in it thats all that matters.
  20. DuneElliot

    DuneElliot Section Hiker

    For 130 pounds (sorry, no pound key on my keyboard) you could buy a double wall 3F Lanshan...these seem to be highly recommended for a pretty low price. I will probably look to pick one up as an extra tent for a loaner when I take new people out.
  21. Raddy

    Raddy Trekker

    @Taz38 we looked at that tent only due to it being held up by walking poles so less equipment to carry, will have a look at those websites now also and see if there is anything I can find, yeah I understand sleeping bag is important :) I will also have a look at that tent along with what taz has suggested @DuneElliot
  22. DuneElliot

    DuneElliot Section Hiker

  23. Enzo

    Enzo Thru Hiker

    How tall are you? If your like 6'7 some ultralight shelters can be too tight.
    +1 Lanshan, look mega value and 3f are well made
  24. tom

    tom Thru Hiker

    Luxe tents are also high quality economy tents... http://www.backpackinglight.co.uk/ usually stocks them (and some German traders).
    But even the real cheap shelters will be ok in calm conditions or well sheltered locations (route research essential here). Whereas sleeping bags are the wrong item to save money on...
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  25. Blah blah blah

    Blah blah blah Trail Blazer

    It was a very long time ago and I was only in for a s**t and a shave but I remember my army issue sleeping bag being the size of an old round dustbin and you needed your bergen just for that alone.

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