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Discussion in 'Gear Chat' started by suggdozer, May 3, 2015.

  1. L2viNkO8SP4

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    It is quieter (though my xlite never bothered me). Material seems impossibly thin at first but in use it seems robust enough. Weight is unbelievable for the comfort offered.
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    You can sign up for free to read a (very) limited number of articles per month. I've currently reached my limit so I haven't read the article, either.
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    Well the operating details shall have to remain a mystery, wrapped within an enigma, to us all then... :bookworm:
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  5. Shewie

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    I fancy one of those Peloton bike machines, looks like fun.

    £2k for the bike alone though :eek:
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  7. Fair Weather Camper

    Fair Weather Camper Thru Hiker

  8. paul

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    Well on a garmin watch level its a lot for a fitness tracker / nav tool. I spent about 500 quid on my current fenix 5 which is still a huge amount of money but since ive had it ive lost three stone in weight, dropped my resting heart rate from 66 to 51, quit smoking and i rarely drink. I use it every day and firmly view it as a tool i get a lot out of. It drives me to do more and hit my targets each day which given my job of sitting on my butt all day watching tv is important. So on a value basis its probably paid for itself many times in tangible and non tangible ways. I suppose it could be argued i felt the need to act anyway as middle age tends to make you consider mortality more but tech and data is a big driver for me and it gave me the push to move more. I wont be buying the marque edition any time soon but fear of losing it wouldnt be a driver. More of i have something already that does most of what it does. Id probably be more worried about being mugged for it. I think a lot depends on your life outlook. Ive been through stages of wealth and ive been close to destitute. These days im mr average and am no longer frivolous with money but if the juice is worth the squeeze and i dont have to use credit to fund it, ill make want purchases rather than need ones. Some could easily be deemed extravagant but not, i hope, status symbols.
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  9. Fair Weather Camper

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    Thanks for the fulsome reply.
    Yes I know a few people who have been well motivated by those fitness tracker thingies.

    Well done on the weight loss.. Not at all easy in a world full of cheap do-nuts.

    A job watching telly all day, sounds like torture.. Given current output :confused:

    I guess I'm 'lucky' enough to have a job (oh two jobs, as it happens) that both involve, standing up, and or moving around all day, and half the night.. But I'm also not one of those annoying sorts who maintains a rake-like figure* whatever my food intake.

    * not that I'd want such a thing - gotta have a bit spare - just in case... :)

    Yes middle aged motivation..
    Life isn't forever. etc etc.

    So better go and get on with it all I guess :thumbsup:
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    Poetry Paul.... Poetry :thumbsup:
  11. tom

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    A little hesitant to give the Murdock mob any signin details so I'll wait for other sources. Sadly, great ideas aren't always taken up. When I first saw Skysails, it seemed a no-brainer and these kites actually work but it still hasn't been taken up. Which is a shame since maritime air pollution is disgrace ...

    And they look beautiful too
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  12. Fair Weather Camper

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    Anything that doesn't run on fossil fuels, is routinely discouraged..
    They want to keep us locked into that particular system, until the planet is totally fried..

    There's a very small, but hopefully growing collaboration of merchants offering 'freight by sail' .

    As of yet, its just a few products, such as olive oil from the Med, but it would be nice if it caught on. :)
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  13. WilliamC

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    I wasn't aware that The Economist was Murdoch owned. There's no mention of it here.
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  14. tom

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    Sorry - I'm sure you're right. I only saw paywall (which I associate with the times) while trying to read past that huge cookie splash screen without agreeing to have my privacy violated ...:D:rolleyes:
  15. Robin

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    The largest shareholder in The Economist is Exor (43.4%) which is an investment vehicle (pun intended) for the Agnelli family. As someone who used to write economics research, it pains me to say that The Economist has drifted away from its original mission and has become increasingly less objective. I cancelled my subscription a few years ago because it had largely ceased to be a sensible commentator on economic and political matters (as has that other bastion, the FT). It used to be the best weekly read.
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  16. theoctagon

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  17. Chiseller

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    Daren't ask how heavy that isn't.. I would have walked straight past a shaped tarp until I got the patrol knock off....
    AND that's got a door!
  18. Padstowe

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  19. Mole

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    Tarptent Protrail Li?
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  20. Rog Tallbloke

    Rog Tallbloke Thru Hiker

    Heh. Looks more like a Tarptent prototype DCF protrail.
  21. Rog Tallbloke

    Rog Tallbloke Thru Hiker

    Here's my latest idea for my 16' of 0.51 DCF. Might have to think again after seeing how pretty that catenary is though.

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  22. Chiseller

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    Just seen the price!!!!
  23. Mole

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    How much?
  24. fluffkitten

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    Lovely but $499.00 is ouch! Luckily it is out of stock.
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