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Discussion in 'Kit Lists' started by Shewie, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    A friend asked me to name my top ten favourite items of kit on a walk the other day, I thought it might make for an interesting thread.

    Only choose items that you actually own and have had chance to use, we can do a fantasy list later :)

    Let's try a fixed format and see if it works ..

    1. Pack =
    2. Shelter =
    3. Sleeping Bag or Quilt =
    4. Mat =
    5. Stove =
    6. Cookset =
    7. Clothing Shell =
    8. Clothing Insulation =
    9. Footwear =
    10. Gizmo =

    Try to decide on just one, enter all your options otherwise :)
  2. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    Let's have a go then ...

    1. Zpacks Arc Blast 60L
    2. MLD Trailstar/cuben DuoMid
    3. PHD bag (depending on season)
    4. Original NeoAir
    5. Zelph Fancee Feest
    6. Evernew ECA-251-R
    7. Rab Demand smock
    8. PHD Ultra pullover
    9. Salomon Speedcross 3
    10. SatMap
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  3. Limbo57

    Limbo57 Trail Blazer

    I would have to go with...

    1. Osprey Exos 46
    2. MLD Trailstar ( usurped my old Wild Country Ultra Voyager)
    3. Western Mountaineering Summer Lght
    4. Down mat 7
    5. Jetboil Sol Ti
    6. As above
    7. Depends on season , Winter = Paramo Velez
    Rest of the year Haglofs Spire
    8. Rab ( currently micro light )
    9. Innovate Rocklite
    10. Liking the iPhone 5 with outdoor GPS but the camera is good too and I have kindle books on it.
  4. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    So you're preferring the Exos to the new Lightwave? Is it just too early to compare yet?
  5. Limbo57

    Limbo57 Trail Blazer

    Only had 2 trips with lightwave really, I like it a lot and it's definitely more robust for its weight and has a more comfortable and supportive hip belt. The Osprey is a really nice carry and the design features like the accessible water bottles are brilliant. The only issue I have is that the back system sometimes makes packing a pain.
  6. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    Although comfy it was the wasted space the arched back used up that made me get rid in the end. The ZPacks I have now could be the same but I set it at a shallow arch so it doesn't really impede, it's damn annoying with those out of reach side pockets though :(
  7. happycamper

    happycamper Trail Blazer

    My turn ...
    1. Golite Jam
    2. MSR Hubba HP (I've developed a technique for pitching outer first in wet weather)
    3. As Tucas Sestrals quilt
    4. NeoAir x lite regular
    5. Trail Designs Ti Tri with modified Zelph Starlight stove.
    6. Evernew 900 pot
    7. Berghaus paclite trousers
    8. Montane down jacket ( can't remember model)
    9. Brooks Cascadia 8
    10. iPhone
  8. Limbo57

    Limbo57 Trail Blazer

    I just got the MSR Hubba Hubba NX , it's a really nice tent I'm liking the inner space and headroom , it's inner first as you suggest but it's pretty quick. How did you figure the wet weather variant for fly first??
  9. happycamper

    happycamper Trail Blazer

    I made up a rectangle of dyneema with split rings on each corner. I peg that down first and can slot the pole ends into the split rings. I will pitch it in the garden some evening and take pics so you can see what I mean.
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  10. Limbo57

    Limbo57 Trail Blazer

    I sort of understand already but pictures would be great!!!
  11. happycamper

    happycamper Trail Blazer

    No worries. I'll try and do it tomorrow evening.
  12. Teepee

    Teepee Thru Hiker

    1. Pack = Gossamer Gear Mariposa plus
    2. Shelter = DIY 2.4 x 1.6 micro tarp
    3. Sleeping Bag or Quilt = Montbell Ul down hugger no5
    4. Mat = Gossamer Gear Airbeam sleeper xl
    5. Stove = £stretcher hobo stove drilled to within a millimetre of collapse
    6. Cookset = Snowpeak 900 with bail wire and handles cut off
    7. Clothing Shell = Paramo Quito
    8. Clothing Insulation = Devold expedition hoody
    9. Footwear = Scarpa Sl's
    10. Gizmo = Zebralight H51
  13. paul

    paul Thru Hiker

    1. Pack = Granite Gear Virga 2
    2. Shelter = Trailstar
    3. Sleeping Bag or Quilt = Hammock Gear Burrow 40
    4. Mat = NeoAir x lite
    5. Stove = Caldera cone F-keg
    6. Cookset = Snowpeak 900
    7. Clothing Shell = Rab Volt
    8. Clothing Insulation = Devold expedition hoody
    9. Footwear = INOV8 Rocklites
    10. Gizmo = Garmin Oregon 650T
  14. Jacko1066

    Jacko1066 Ultralighter

    1. Pack = Osprey exos 46, bought but not used yet lol! first lightweight pack.
    2. Shelter = Appy trails mark 3
    3. Quilt = uk hammocks winter down quilt, love this thing!!
    4. Mat = neoair xlite large
    5. Stove = Jetboil flash, heavy but brilliant!!
    6. Cook set = primus trek kettle! again heavy but I love the non stick.
    7. Clothing shell = rab demand pull on event smock
    8. Clothing insulation = rab neutrino down jacket
    9. Footwear = I only own a pair of brasher hill masters gtx lol, but mega comfy!!
    10. Gizmo = Not really sure here, I do love taking my tiny Roberts dab radio camping!!
  15. happycamper

    happycamper Trail Blazer

  16. explorecowal

    explorecowal Trail Blazer

    1. Pack = Campbeltown Suitcase (Bin liner)
    2. Shelter = Rab Ridge Raider
    3. Sleeping Bag or Quilt = Deuter something. 4 season.
    4. Mat = Vango Standard 3cm
    5. Stove = box of matches and a load of good will. Vango lite stove. One of those flameless cookers (trekmates?).
    6. Cookset = whatever's not in the dishwasher when I leave. Vango mess tins.
    7. Clothing Shell = mountain equipment something.
    8. Clothing Insulation = Rab primaloft something, Photon?
    9. Footwear = Brasher Shoes n Boots. Gore-tex
    10. Gizmo = bottle of Jura malt

    Can you tell I'm just starting to collect gear ;)
  17. ADz

    ADz Thru Hiker

    1. Pack = Osprey Exos 46 (Lightweight) Snugpak RocketPak (Woodland/Other) | Got a MLD Exodus but not had time to test properly yet.
    2. Shelter = Warbonnet Superfly (Woodland) Luxe Sil-Minipeak (non-woodland) | Got a MLD Trailstar but not had time to test properly yet.
    3. Sleeping Bag or Quilt = Mountain Equipment Xero 350 (Lightweight) or Snugpak Elite 3
    4. Mat = Thermarest NeoAir Xlite
    5. Stove = Trail Designs 12-10 burner
    6. Cookset = ECA-421 600ml or ECA-422 900ml
    7. Clothing Shell = Montane Minimus
    8. Clothing Insulation = Mountain Equipment Micro LS
    9. Footwear = Inov8 Roclite 312 GTX
    10. Gizmo = Samsung Galaxy Note II + Sony QX10 for camera lense (Media/GPS/OS Mapping/etc)
  18. kiltedpict

    kiltedpict Ultralighter

    Mine varies a bit, and the shelter and stove are both new to me. The rest are tried and tested during the 2013 TGO Challenge

    1. Pack = Montane Grand Tour 55
    2. Shelter = Was a Duomid but sold to buy a Trailstar and Borah Gear Bivi- not used them yet!
    3. Sleeping Bag or Quilt = Custom designed PHD bag with appropriate liner
    4. Mat = Exped Synmat and pump pillow
    5. Stove = Kovea Spider
    6. Cookset = MSR Titan Kettle, "Swiss" lightweight Fork and Knife, LH Spoon, X Mug (and sometimes Plate)
    7. Clothing Shell = Montane Windshirt / MH Paclite jacket & Hagloffs waterproof trousers if really wet
    8. Clothing Insulation = Icebreaker light / mid weight +/- Montane Fireball Smock
    9. Footwear = Salamon shoes
    10. Gizmo = kindle and iPhone
  19. Mole

    Mole Thru Hiker

    Funny, I thought I had posted this when I first joined! I certainly typed it all outo_O:) Oh well, will do it again with bonuses...

    As others above, it varies depending on season/weather/situation and whim

    3 lists! (Inc worn clothing too,but obviously wash/ditty bags/FAK/Maps etc extra)
    This is what I took on this years TGO:
    (Based on previous experience I prepared for any weather and conditions!)

    1 Pack - Exos 58 (never full!)
    2 Shelter - Tarptent Scarp 1
    3 Slleeping Bag, Alpkit Pipedream 400 + silk liner
    4 Mat - TAR PL3 3/4
    5 Stove - Starlyte/esbit hybrid with Home made Cone clone (flissure version ) fuel measure and lighter
    6 Cookset - MSR Titan Kettle + cut down handle-less plastic mug (300ml) -all nested with cone/stove etc
    7 Clothing - Shell - Montane Litespeed, Montane Superfly, Berghaus Deluge (when wet, worn without trousers as lined - cheap late replacement for duff Rab Bergens)
    8 Clothing - Montane Terras, Marmot base T, Helikon Grid baselayer 2, Insulation - Haglofs Barrier Pro (60g/m) , Uniqlo UL Down Hoody (didn't need much as weather warm) (+ Baseball cap, R1 Balaclava, buff, Liner Gloves, Buffalo Mitts, Paclite Mitts)
    9 Footwear - Inov8 Terroc330, Stripped down crocs, 2 pairs bridgedale woolfusion trekker socks + MVP socks (worn 3 times) n ID shortie gaiters
    10 Gizmo Panasonic Lumix, Mobile Phone + 2 spare batteries, BD Trail Poles

    This is what I took to the Rhinogs for 2 nights last summer:

    1 Pack Golite Jam original
    2 Bivi Bag - Rab Sierra (plus MYOG micro tarp 150g - unused)
    3 Quilt Golite Ultra
    4 Mat TAR PL3 3/4
    5 Stove - Starlyte/esbit hybrid with Home made Cone clone (flissure version ) fuel measure and lighter
    6 Cookset - MSR Titan Kettle + cut down handle-less plastic mug (300ml) -all nested with cone/stove etc
    7 Clothing - shell - Montane Litespeed, Rab Slipstream Jacket, Golite Reed Trousers
    8 Clothing, Marmot base T, running shorts, Regatta capris, Lowe microfleece, Uniqlo UL Down hoody, swimming trunks (used every day!), (baseball cap, R1 Balaclava , liner gloves)
    9 Footwear, Inov 8 Terroc330, one pair socks
    10 Gizmo- Phone and Poles

    What I took for a Dartmoor overnighter a couple weeks ago when it was hot:
    (apart from compass/meds, toothbrush, food, wine and water bottle,nothing else taken on this trip)
    1 Pack - Osprey Talon 33
    2 Trailstar (shared with mate)
    3 PD 400
    4 Mat PL3 /3/4
    5 Stove - Starlyte/esbit hybrid with Home made Cone clone (flissure version ) 3 esbit blocks and lighter
    6 Cookset - MSR Titan Kettle + cut down handle-less plastic mug (300ml) -all nested with cone/stove etc (Shared with mate)
    7 Clothing - shell - Montane Litespeed, Poncho (Italian - 320g - used as groundsheet)
    8 Clothing - base T, shorts, Haglofs Barrier Pro, baseball cap, buff
    9 Footwear, Terrocs, socks n short, gaiters
    10 Phone n poles
  20. shaggystu

    shaggystu Summit Camper

    1. Pack = Lowe Alpine - don't know the name, I've had it for years.
    2. Shelter = Kathmandu Trekking tarp.
    3. Sleeping Bag or Quilt = modded snugpak softie 3 (the mod was taking the zip out of you're wondering).
    4. Mat = CCF - cut down multimat at the moment.
    5. Stove = Hexi and a few rocks/pegs and a bit of foil.
    6. Cookset = Primus litech kettle and fray bentos pie dish as a plate/frying pan.
    7. Clothing Shell = Heresy I know, but I really like my Westwinds Ventile smock.
    8. Clothing Insulation = Really thin merino wool jumper, £1.50 charity shop special.
    9. Footwear = Altberg boots, still pretty new to me these but I'm massively impressed so far.
    10. Gizmo = Samsung Galaxy S4
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  21. SteveMat

    SteveMat Summit Camper

    I'm vegan, which is a bit limiting, especially in winter but I've gone for tried and tested stuff that has never let me down, rather than always going super ultra mega light!

    1. Pack = Osprey Talon 44
    2. Shelter = TN Laser Comp (the newer version w/extra guys and better venting - still a good shelter imo)
    3. Quilt = MLD Spirit 30 synthetic quilt
    4. Mat = TAR Prolite Plus short (too many problems with inflatables!)
    5. Stove = Caldera Cone (had a ti gas stove break on me in the middle of nowhere!)
    6. Cookset = Evernew Pot and Ti Spoon - all I need (don't like sporks!)
    7. Shell = either Paramo Quito or Rab Kinetic
    8. Insulation = Montane Prism or old fleece or Paramo
    9. Footwear = AKU, Altburg or some Merrells
    10. Gizmo = SatMap Active 10 GPS

    so a very 'standard' list but I trust all that stuff explicitly and I just can't afford new stuff all the time (and i'm a bit sick of constantly wanting new stuff anyway!). Tent-wise, I also have an old Akto which I use in winter, a BearPaw WD single skin shelter which I occasionally use in very benign weather and a Stephensons Warmlite 2 for when my partner comes with me (was an impulse buy off OM, and has got to be the most overrated shelter in history!) Would like to replace it with an MSR Hubba Hubba, which would be a good tent for cycle touring imo).
  22. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker

    1. Pack = Marmot Kompressor Summit 28Litre
    2. Shelter = Tarptent Notch
    3. Quilt = WM Summerlite
    4. Mat = Neoair Regular
    5. Stove = Tri-ti Slidewinder with Starlyte
    6. Cookset = Evernew 900 Wide Pot
    7. Shell = Montane Minimus
    8. Insulation = Montbell UL Down Inner Jacket
    9. Footwear = Salomon XA Pro Ultra 3D - not as bad as Shewie thinks...;)
    10. Gizmo = Phone?...
  23. MrHare

    MrHare Summit Camper

    1. Pack = Walking: Pod cragsack. Running, Omm classic 32
    2. Shelter = Rab Alpine bivy. I don't have any really good options for light shelter - I'm thinking I need an enclosed bug net to go with this for next summer.
    3. Sleeping Bag or Quilt = Snugpak travelpak lite. Very lightweight, packs down small, good value.
    4. Mat = thermarest prolite (large size. I've tried the 3/4 length ones and they don't seem to work for me)
    5. Stove = Whitebox meths stove.
    6. Cookset = MSR titan
    7. Clothing Shell = Paramo Fuera windproof. I've run thousands of km in this, in all weathers including heavy rain. It does wet out, but stays fairly warm.
    8. Clothing Insulation = Berghaus spectrum gilet. I wear one of these most of the time. I have high hopes for the montane fireball for running though.
    9. Footwear = Vivobarefoot neo trails, nearly all the time.
    10. Gizmo = Garmin 310xt? Certainly it's far better than the 405CX I had before. Or the ortleib map case. More expensive than the competition and a slightly odd size, but fits an OS map if you fold it right, and will last far longer than any other.
  24. murpharoo

    murpharoo Section Hiker

    1. Pack = Gossamergear Whisper in spinnaker or Laufbursche huckepackchen in black cuben.
    2. Shelter = Gossamergear spinnshelter or Zpacks hexamid
    3. Sleeping Bag or Quilt = Nunatak arc edge quilt
    4. Mat = original neoair short
    5. Stove = Gossamergear gram cracker esbit stove
    6. Cookset = Titanium Caldera cone and BPL Firelite 550 handleless pot
    7. Clothing Shell = Montane litespeed H2O
    8. Clothing Insulation = Montbell ex-light down jacket
    9. Footwear = inov8 flyroc
    10. Gizmo = Alpacka Denali Llama packraft (gizmo?!)
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  25. paul

    paul Thru Hiker

    Veeery nice list mate. Welcome to the forum. How do you find the quilt. Been tempted many times to bang an order in with Nunatak!

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