2019 MLD Exodus DCF - First Impressions

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  1. Dave V

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    A quick first look at the 2019 DCF Exodus. I've only managed two short walks with the pack so far but find it very comfy as I do with the 2017/18 Prophet I have.

    Full blog post here http://www.idontdoohills.co.uk/mld-exodus-dcf-first-look/


    Right out of the packet, the Exodus, shock cord and additional seam sealer. I understand that the sealer is shipped with all DCF packs now. The pack comes fully taped and sealed though with reinforcement in all the right areas.
    Looking at the size of the pack, as stated on the MLD web site, the Exodus is technically the same size as the Prophet. However, its taller by 5 inches. That may not sound like a lot but it makes a massive difference.

    2017/18 DXG Prophet next to the 2019 DCF Exodus

    Build and Construction appears to be typical MLD, exceptional!

    Drain mesh, located on each side pocket and each side of the main front pocket.

    Every high stress area has one or more bar tacks to add strength.

    Internally, there are strips of DCF sealed in place with the bar tacks running through and then taped over to add further strength to the construction.

    I believe as well as the bar tacks for the straps, this section of the pack is triple stitched, making it seriously strong.


    All seams are taped internally and the stitches holding the daisy chain on at the front of the pack are also sealed. I am expecting this pack to be extremely water resistant, nearly waterproof.

    MLD has added some nice new touches to the design. An example of this is a male and female buckle at the top of the roll closure so you don't have to use the side compression system if you don't want. MLD have also mentioned that this buckle can be easily removed if you prefer the side compression system, similarly, if you prefer a dry back roll closure you can remove the side compression straps, saving a little weight either way.

    I will be leaving my pack as stock until I have used it a few times and worked out what I want to do.

    The Y strap or top strap has a new buckle added to add additional cinching of the roll top and the front pocket has a fixed closure with buckle now instead of the older style loop system.

    Y Strap

    Front Pocket closure

    Male and Female

    I loaded the pack up this afternoon with around 9-10KG of gear and went off into town for a quick look to see how the pack felt. I was very impressed, the pack settled into my back nicely and I found the shoulder straps extremely comfy.

    I'm not 100% sure that the wider hip belt webbing does anything my Prophets does not but time will tell on this.

    The packs are the same width and depth, the Prophet looks less wide due to the shock cord pulling it inwards.

    The Exodus holds its shape better when loaded up as the DCF is stiffer. I am sure in time it will soften up a little.

    My first impressions of the pack are that its a very well thought out pack with exceptional construction, building in options for people who like to make minor customizations or just like a little versatility.

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  2. Jmws

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    Very nice. Like the colour. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with it on the TGO. You know how highly I rate my HMG pack and the dcf material. If it is anything like mine then it will soften with use.

    Hmm. Could this be my route into a frameless existence?
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  3. Dave V

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    I think k out back lengths are similar, welcome to try either or anytime mate.
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  4. edh

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    It's a whopper.
    Can you carry some of my stuff please :)?
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  5. Dave V

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    Hah hah, I need space to carry all the bottles I pickup along the route
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