For Sale 20D Silpoly Bathtub groundsheet (220cm x 70cm x 75cm) - Tipik Tentes

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by oreocereus, Jan 29, 2020.

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    Purchased for €77, lets call it £35? Only used once. Price including shipping to UK.

    I ordered a custom bathtub inner when I purchased my Tipik Tentes Pioulou. I used to love using a bathtub floor (rather than full inner) with my former solomid, but I've found now that I have a bivy, I am more likely to use that.

    Can't justify having three inner options on my shelter, and need to declutter a bit, so I'm putting this one up for sale.

    I've only used it once.

    • It's a simple design, to save weight and minimise potential failures. Here's Xavier's description
      "I make my bathtubs without any rigid part, to avoid unnecessary weight and any sewing where it touches the ground. It makes it more waterproof and without weak points, but it's never really taut near the ground, only on the perimeter"
    • 220cm long
    • It's 70cm wide at the foot end and 75cm wide in the centre.
    • 20D Silpoly. Silpoly is nice, it's not as slippery as silnylon.
    • 6 mini clips on webbing for the tieouts. My pioulou has buckles on the fly (which I'll cut off now) to clip the inner in quickly. If you'd like the buckles from my piolou to attach to your shelter, or to use as quick setup tie outs, I can include those. Otherwise I'd probably suggest removing the buckles and attaching some shock cord to the corners of your fly, or going straight to some Ti sheppard hooks. One of the mid tie outs has a g-hook (i think that's what they're called?) which attached directly to the fly tie out loop.
    • Packs down very small (I dont have a stuff sack for it, but it fits in my Piolou tarp stuff sack with the tarp included). Picture for scale is next to my size 9 (mens UK) shoe).
    • 195g
    Picture in local park with bivy on top..
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    I'll take this please
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  3. oreocereus

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    Still available
  4. oreocereus

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    One more bump before I try some other euro communities :)
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    Price drop to £30 shipped

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