All in one sleep mat system.

Discussion in 'DIY & MYOG' started by RE8ELD0G, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. RE8ELD0G

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    Hey folks.
    Me again.
    I been toying with an idea for a while now and whilst I wait for better weather to build my dcf tent and fabric to arrive for my pack, I though this would be a good time to start the design and planning for my all in one sleep mat system


    I hate the breeze I get when rolling over on my tiny mat (exped hl M) because my quilt falls off the side or rides up with me and leaves me exposed to the breeze.

    I hate sticking to my mat when I have no clothes on.

    I hate playing chase the bloody pillow all night.

    And I really hate that I can't sit up comfortably inside my tents without getting sore legs and back.

    So I want to alleviate these issues while keeping it as light as possible and not having to carry 2-3 different items.

    Its going to be a mash up of a exped/thermarest chair kit mated to a zenbivy lite bed.
    With a complete top mat cover and zippered pillow holder for inflatable pillow or clothes.
    And it's going to have an attachable down hood for colder weather and elastic clips down each side to hold the quilt in place when rolling over and to stop any undue breezes.

    Stand by for design picture.
    But any thing I may have missed or not thought of please comment.
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  2. gamemaster84

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    You summing up my own issues with sleeping outdoors. I was planning on something similar but was side tracked by making packs :)

    1 thing I was thinking of was that with zenbivy the zipper between the quilt and the pad is placed not on the edge of the quilt but more to the inside. I already have a good quilt and I didn't know yet how to alter it to fit this design.
    And maybe design the pad cover to fit different sizes of pads.
  3. gamemaster84

    gamemaster84 Trail Blazer

    Just to give you a general idea on i was thinking of. I didn't make it to scale or design it yet my fit my exact needs. Just a general idea. I was thinking on a rectangle shape with 4 square parts on the sides. Then on those cornes (and on the top and bottom og the main rectangle) have some o rings and connect everthing with 1mm dyneema. That way it fits on different sized pads small to wide. Then on the width where you want to connect the quilt make some hooks to connect to you're quilt. Do the same for the hood. Mayba a sleeve out of 10D with 2 or 4 clips.
    But again this was just a brainstorm session ;) absolutely no idea if it will work.....

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  4. RE8ELD0G

    RE8ELD0G Backpacker

    So excise my crude drawings I don't have a laptop to do anything fancy on sketchup etc

    But this is the basic plan I got so far.
    Will do a more in depth plan later.

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  5. Lempo

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    Looks good, but I think you're a bit behind schedule there... :D
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  6. gamemaster84

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    Is it just me or can't I view the images Re8el posts..

    EDIT: It's just on mobile that it isn't working on my desktop it's fine
  7. RE8ELD0G

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    Lol, well I don't like wasting things so any old diary's I use them as drawing pads and for notes etc.
    Really should get a new diary though.

    I have even sat and tippexed the old dates and days out on every page before to use as a new year diary........ Yes I am a skin flint..
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  8. RE8ELD0G

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    So the prototype was knocked up last night.
    It's rough right now, just mainly a proof of concept for myself.
    Need to adjust a few measurements and make the seams a lot stronger. But it works.
    Anyone got a source for cheap carbon fibre Poles??

    Anyone got a thermarest or exped seat kit that would take some pics of where the Poles go so I can get a better idea.




  9. gamemaster84

    gamemaster84 Trail Blazer

    I bought carbon in the Netherland at a diy Kite shop they use it to build lightweight kites. Or a rc shop.

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