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Discussion in 'Hammock Kit' started by Bob-W, Apr 10, 2021.

  1. Bob-W

    Bob-W Trail Blazer

    Alpkit have had their Mora hammock in their line up for a couple of years now - (£40) but they've now added a few more hammock related items.

    Bug net - - not sure if 490g is lightweight or not, experience with Alpkit's definition of "lightweight" suggests not. £20

    Synthetic underquilt - - they've quoted CLO values rather than a temp rating but searching around it seems that type and quantity of insulation would be around 7-8C. £50

    They've also added a couple of square tarps, one is 3x3m (£35), the other is 4x4m (£50). The 3-square is big enough to use with their hammock and have "winter" doors.

    So for £145 you'd get a full hammock setup (minus top quilt or sleeping bag) that should be good for summer. Does come to 2437g without the top quilt (see earlier comment about lightweight) but you'd be spending a lot more to significantly reduce that.
  2. grindle

    grindle Hiker

    I have an alpkit cloud cover down quilt (£99 currently, 480g) that I use to "top up" my 3 season sleeping bag when hammocking in winter - it's great. I'm going to try using it as a hammock top quilt in the summer. It's great to see a British supplier of hammock gear. You can get lighter hammock gear but alpkit prices are super for people to dip their toes into hammocking.
  3. Fred Wanderer

    Fred Wanderer Summit Camper

    If I read the description & pictures of the tarps right, there are 16 attachment points but they are all on the edge of the tarp, which will leave a big floppy bit in the middle. Shame really as good value at that price.
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  4. Bob-W

    Bob-W Trail Blazer

    @grindle - I quite like Alpkit stuff, it isn't top of the line but it doesn't pretend to be. A mate has used the Cloud cover as an underquilt.

    @Fred Wanderer - not sure about the tarp pull outs, I've the Rig7 which is just a little smaller than the 3x3 tarp and it has a good few mid-panel pull outs. I wonder if they are from different suppliers in China, the material seems different as well
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  5. Fred Wanderer

    Fred Wanderer Summit Camper

    @Bob-W I use the Rig 7 too, great tarp & as you say, plenty of attachment points that are in the right places.
    The new 3x3 tarp is good value & from a good UK company but the missing centre tie-outs are a bit of an oversight that add a bit of extra faffing about when setting up.
    Just my opinion & as I say, good value from good company.
  6. grindle

    grindle Hiker

    You could still use the 3x3 tarp with a hammock by having a continuous ridgeline beneath the tarp - but I agree: one or two tie outs in the middle would make it more suited for hammocks.
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  7. Fred Wanderer

    Fred Wanderer Summit Camper

    Yep, easy to solve for hammocking or tarping if you know it already, but ideally you shouldn't have to find solutions with entry level kit.

    I like the Rig7 a lot but the only slight niggle is having to think about the shape (2.4m x 2.8m) - petty, I know but I am easily confused. :bag:
    The Alpkit 3x3 tarp is a similar price & weight as the DD 3x3 tarp - but with less tie-outs :o o:
    A 3x3 tarp, but with similar tie-outs to the Rig7 & at this price or even 'slightly' higher - Would have grabbed one. :D
    Just an observation, is all.
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  8. Bob-W

    Bob-W Trail Blazer

    Just had a look on the AK site.

    The Rig7 uses 30D PU coated siliconised Cordura whereas the new 3x3 uses 190T Polyester PU with 5,000m HH. The DD 3x3 uses 190T polyester with PU 3000mm waterproof coating. So for whatever reason Alpkit and DD have sourced a different material for the square tarps - Alpkit's Rig 21 is 30D PU coated siliconised Cordura so it can't just be size.

    I'd have gone for a 3.5m x 3.5m tarp. My homemade hammock is 3.3m so the 3m would be too small and the 4m is way too big (and heavy). I've actually got material from RipstopByTheRoll to make my own - just waiting for my mum's old sewing machine to be repaired then I can get on with it.

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