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Discussion in 'Shopping' started by Meadows, May 12, 2017.

  1. Meadows

    Meadows Section Hiker

    Alpkit now have a fully stocked shop in Hathersage in the Peak District.

    So now you can squeeze and stroke things before you take a punt.
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  2. fluffkitten

    fluffkitten Thru Hiker

    It is quite a lovely little shop, just beware it does seduce you into buying things.:D
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  3. widu13

    widu13 Ultralighter

    You could always do that at Newthorpe?..and I did it at Kimberley before that!
  4. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

    Do they have the 'bargain bucket' there of slight seconds?
    Some of the bags can be heavily discounted due to minor blemishes.
  5. Meadows

    Meadows Section Hiker

    I'll edit tell post to be more honest..

    So now (you) I can squeeze and stroke things, more easily, before I take a punt.:)
  6. Meadows

    Meadows Section Hiker

    I'll have a look @JKM . Ive not been in yet but hopefully next week if time allows.
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  7. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker

    Alpkit Gateshead store now open
  8. Chiseller

    Chiseller Thru Hiker

    Alot of the prices of clothing seems to have gone upwards sharply over the past 12 months, bargain bins can be reasonable.
  9. Bob-W

    Bob-W Summit Camper

    Generally true across the outdoor industry. Probably a mixture of reasons but I suspect a part of it is that Alpkit purchase quite a lot of their items in China and pay in US Dollars, the pound has dropped against same so the price to Alpkit, and therefore us, has risen. It's not just over the last year either - I bought a Rig3.5 tarp four years ago for £35, it's £65 now at list price (£55 in the current sale!). Around the same time I bought one of their down jackets at £80, that's now £200 and uses 650fp down not the 700fp that mine has. I don't think the pound has tanked that much so there's obviously other factors at work.

    Alpkit used to be definitely bargain price but decent quality but now a lot of items, especially clothing come into the standard price, decent quality.

    If you think Alpkit's prices have risen - I got a bike for a significant birthday nine years ago, £1600. The following year the same model was £2500! and it had poorer componentry on it.
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  10. Enzo

    Enzo Thru Hiker

    No two ways about it, alpkit no longer a cheap option. Not uncompetitive just not cheap.
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  11. Ian Barton

    Ian Barton Backpacker

    I think this is partly caused by opening the shops, rather than being an online-only supplier.
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  12. Bmblbzzz

    Bmblbzzz Trail Blazer

    I don't know whether opening the shops is a factor – might be, I don't know – but opening the shops reflects the fact that it's now quite a few years since Alpkit were the little pioneering outfit trying to make a name for themselves. They're now almost a household name and it wouldn't be terribly surprising (but this is not a forecast) to see them following the route of eg Howies or North Face into more high-street fashion.
  13. Rmr

    Rmr Trail Blazer

    I have used Alpkit from their very early days as I live only 20mins away from the HQ in Notts and have always received excellent service. Since the opening of the retail shops the prices have understandably risen but I no longer use them as my go to site for gear because I find the increases to much. The quality of equipment and service remains the same.
  14. Enzo

    Enzo Thru Hiker

    Yup service is great, I've had lots from them. But Ali must have hit them as much of their stock is badged stuff from China, same as most companies.
    I'd say they are well known enough that they can now raise there prices and any drop in sales is more than balanced out by greater profit. Fair enough.
    When I was self employed I didn't charge enough, and because of that I had more work than hours in a day, so I put my prices up till the demand dropped to what I could manage. I'd guess that's what Atom packs have done. They have found the true value of what they are selling.
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  15. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    It’s a brave move going to the high street for any retailer at the moment, I’m surprised they’ve gone that route considering their roots are online, I hope it works out for them as I’ve also been shopping with them since the early days, still got a surviving Fat Aeric we use car camping
  16. Bmblbzzz

    Bmblbzzz Trail Blazer

    True, it's a brave move. But I think it kind of fits with their ethos, despite their roots being online, in that they – at least seem to – be keen on encouraging people to get out there. Even if they're getting out there with non-Alpkit gear. Or maybe with no/minimal gear; for instance the French(?) woman who was featured in their magazine thing half way an Alpine pass, having ridden there on her old clunker of a bike and having a great time. Of course she admired the Sonders and the Alpkit jerseys and stuff – but she didn't buy any. And of course it's all marketing, but it's marketing that's "active" "encouraging" and even "kind" in a way that Aliexpress or even North Face simply can't do. So from that point of view, having a shop in an area where people are "outdoor active" gives personal interaction and gives them a sort of USP.

    (Does that make any sense? (Or is it so much more bullshit?))
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  17. PhilHo

    PhilHo Thru Hiker

    Hathersage, Keswick, Gateshead. I think I spot a pattern :roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:
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  18. Enzo

    Enzo Thru Hiker

    When I went into the Keswick shop they offered my kids biscuits. Really friendly environment.
  19. Rmr

    Rmr Trail Blazer

    Often visited the HQ in Notts & the Hathersage shop, always free fresh coffee on the go & Hathersage do some seriously good cake now & again, I must go again soon.
  20. Bmblbzzz

    Bmblbzzz Trail Blazer

    Alpkit seem to be out of stock at the moment on all sorts of items. Well, all the ones I'm looking at! Online, I don't know about their physical shops. I hope this isn't a sign they're in trouble.
  21. HillBelly

    HillBelly Ultralighter

    I doubt it - that used to be their normal business model!
    Always helps to check the arrivals board for anything you are looking for too. Not so well signposted these days...
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  22. Bmblbzzz

    Bmblbzzz Trail Blazer

    Didn't know about the arrivals board. Thanks!
  23. Bob-W

    Bob-W Summit Camper

    Some Alpkit products are made in-house but many are rebranded chinese/taiwanese items. What I think happens is this (and pure speculation/guesswork on my part): They'll take a punt on what will sell and order a container or two and a month or so later it arrives on a slow boat from China. If any of those items sell out before the next shipment arrives then tough, Alpkit and us just have to wait. Items that don't sell out get put on the sale to make room for the new shipment.
  24. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker

    I was in the new Gateshead shop, its in an unusual location, near the Metro centre in a really small retail park with no through traffic (but 100yds from the A1).

    Staff seemed quite positive and talking about expansion. Theres two other bike shops nearby, looks like the place is setting up a bike workshop, my money is thats the business focus.

    Nice to actually see Alpkit gear in the flesh, some of it was really nice. Agree no longer bargain basement though but still decent priced.
  25. Rmr

    Rmr Trail Blazer

    Posted this before so apologies for doing it again. I've tried online and found out of stock and then rang my nearest shop which is Hathersage (40 mls) to reserve whatever it is I want, if in stock. I then plan a walk in that area and pick it up when finished. Done a few time and always worked. When it comes to staff efficiency and knowledge Alpkit are up there.
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