April 2020: Spain or Scotland?

Discussion in 'Places & Planning' started by Stuart, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Stuart

    Stuart Ultralighter

    To my surprise, my wife seems willing to let me go away for next years' easter school holidays, two weeks in mid April.

    Any thoughts on this? I'm only interested in places I can travel to by train or bus.

    My initial thinking boils it down to two possibilities:

    Aragon, north central Spain. Last year, I walked here. mostly on the GR1, with some variants around the canyons of the Sierra de Guara. Fantastic wild country with good resupply points. There are some parts of the region that I missed out due to snow cover that look good and I can easily work out a 12 day route.

    • probability of good weather although chilly nights below freezing
    • bail out option is to head to Barcelona to stay with a friend
    • relatively easy to get to on the train from the UK
    • None particularly, maybe the sense of going back to a place I've been before.

    Scotland. Just spent a week near Mallaig and was very taken by Knoydart. I've always fancied the Cape Wrath Trail and could probably do Fort Willaim to Ullapool. Maybe tie it in with the northern part of the WHW. Maybe a Fort William to Morvich loop?

    • easier travel than Spain
    • Scotland without midges
    • often a good time of year in the Highlands
    • possibility of being cold and wet throughout the trip
    • high probability of cold evenings and nights
    • ticks
  2. oreocereus

    oreocereus Section Hiker

    I don’t see how either could be a poor option in good weather (if one could guarantee it, Scotland might be more exciting simply for the rarity of an extended string of pleasant weather!)

    I took 2 weeks off work to head there earlier this year, encountered 1 day that wasn’t bucketing down, most days cloud was down to 300m so even if one persisted there were no views.
    I’m probably not as hardy as folks on here who seem to be able to walk through days of bad weather, but I personally can’t find enjoyment in it. It ended up being a miserable way to spend my holiday allowance.

    So in future I wouldn’t go to Scotland without a back up plan/some cultural visits in mind! Or anywhere really.
  3. edh

    edh Thru Hiker

    I've just started exploring Andalusia - some great routes down there; a couple of options for two weeks....

    Not sure about the logistics of train to there though, although both that and long distance buses seem OK.
  4. Stuart

    Stuart Ultralighter

    Having to commit in advance means I will plump for the Spanish option.

    Andalucia would be great but it's just too far for me for a two week holiday, plus I have friends in Catalonia which makes a nice start and end to the trip. Manchester to Barcelona is easily done leaving in the afternoon and arriving mid morning the next day with a nice bit of Paris in the evening thrown in. Or a full day which can also be nice with a couple of good books.
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