Sold As Tucas Sestrals Quilt (New)

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Marco, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. Marco

    Marco Ultralighter

    A returned Sestral Quilt for insulation exchange, thus in new condition. Since we no longer offer this colour combination, I offer it for a discounted price: 175 € (retail price was 225 €).

    Shell color: Acai purple
    Liner color: Scarlet red
    Insulation: APEX 100 (+8 ºC)
    Draft collar: No
    Size: S
    Width: Wide

    Since the product is in new state, it comes with our full guarantee.
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  2. Marco

    Marco Ultralighter

    Price updated.
  3. Marco

    Marco Ultralighter

    Price drop.

    This works nicely as an over bag to boost your down bag rating as well as to keep it dry. Also, a nice spring / summer quilt!

    I would love to see it in good use soon.

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