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Discussion in 'Shopping' started by el manana, Jul 5, 2014.

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    I think they're around 80g
  6. Robin

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    I’ve got a purple one. Works well and it’s compact and light.
  7. JKM

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    A bit off topic but I posted this on the bikepacking thread but it may be useful for others.

    Its cheap bike racks for roof mounting.

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    Only a few sizes left... Of they had mine, I'd buy another pair...
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    Luckily Google and Facebook have multiple terabytes of data of you (and me) so you don't have to store it yourself. :laugh:
  17. Chiseller

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    OR Deviator hoodie and deviator vests available @ rock+run
    If I hadn't recently bought another couple of alphas... I'd be buying one.
    I regret selling my other two :banghead:
    Limited time flash sale.
    Two colours... Lots of sizes @ 22:45pm
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  18. JohnMacQueen

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    might be useful to someone, or completely useless. Cheap as chips though. Mesh holes are much too big to be useful I think and the floor doesn’t look particularly waterproof but hey ho. Shipping weight includes the bag and some heavy looking stakes some should weight a fair bit less then the stated shipping weight I reckon.

    Camping Zelt, Atmungsaktives Netz-Schlafzelt gegen Mücken 220x120x100cm für 1-2 Personen, mit Campingmatte und Aufbewahrungstasche(schwarz)
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  19. mathijs

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    Use SUMMER15 at Alpkit for 15% off, works till Monday night.
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  21. Henry

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    Buy 1 get 1 free gas cylinders at mountain warehouse.

    my usual supplier was out: 240g and 440g in stock.
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  23. Rog Tallbloke

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    I wouldn't send 800 buttons to some anonomi on Reddit on the offchance it's a genuine sale.
    I'd pay Henry Shires a bit more to send me the tent and a guarantee.
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  24. Lempo

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    ULtrade seems to be pretty good in general and you can always do it with PayPal protection.

    But everyone should do their own research. I've no horse in the game.
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  25. Chiseller

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    Not sure how legit this is.... Fill yer basket & try before you buy?
    Heads up - Dash4it are offering all OS maps at a 40% discount of RRP for a time. Discount code at checkout is ORD40. I don't know if the full stop is required

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