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  1. Robin

    Robin Moderator Staff Member

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  2. andreostergard

    andreostergard Trail Blazer

    His blog is nice, a lot of good info on there.
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  3. Brian

    Brian Hiker

    Thanks for the nice words guys.
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  4. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker

    Would be interested in seeing your gear list for this little lot when you have 5 minutes @Brian :)

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  5. Brian

    Brian Hiker

    @el manana I believe this gear was from a trip I did in April last year. Total base weight (all gear not worn or consumed) was about 5.5kg.

    From top left to right and down:

    HMG Windrider 2400 Pack (40 ltr) - 799g
    Therm-a-Rest Z-Seat Pad with R-value 2.2 - 53g
    ZPacks Duplex Ultralight Two Person Tent - 595g
    6" Sorex Carbon fiber 6 g X 8 = 48g
    ZPacks Cuben Fiber Stake Sack - 2g
    Therm-A-Rest Neoair XLite - Regular value 3.2 - 341g
    stuff sack XL HMG Cuben Fiber DCF11 for packed clothes and essentials - 18g
    Berghaus Ulvetanna Hybrid Down Jacket (850 fill power) 422g
    HMG Cuben stuff sack XL pillow - 44g
    Cumulus Panyam 450 sleeping bag (0 °C comfort) (Down 850 Fill Power) - 835g
    Hyperlite Mountain GearRoll-Top Stuff Sack Medium - 34g
    inov-8 ROCLITE 295 Trail Shoes - 558g
    Sawyer Squeeze water filter, 2 ltr folding bottle, tube, string in net - 148g
    TLD (236 ml) fuel storage bottle - 29g
    700 ml Smartwater bottle - 31g
    Trail Designs Sidewinder Titanium Tri-Fuel Cone System (1.3 L) - 45g
    Evernew Ti Ultra Light Pot (1.3 L) - 137g
    Speedster 30ml Spill Proof Meths/Alcohol Burner - 13g
    DIY cozy for Evernew Ti Ultra Light Pot (1.3 L) - 47g
    Esbit titanium folding spoon - 18g
    Swiss Army Classic SD including scissors & tweezers - 21g
    Folding cup 200 ml - 20g
    HMG Cuben Fiber DCF8 stuff sack medium - 11g for items in outer net.
    Berghaus Hyper Shell Jacket rain coat - 89g
    ULA Rain Kilt - 81g
    Nike beanie - 49g
    ZPacks Roll Top Blast Food Bag Cuben Fiber - 44g
    trekking umbrella EuroSchirm Swing liteflex Grey UV 50+ - 225g
    Black Diamond Trail trekking poles - 480g
    Passport in Loc safe bag - 40g
    map - 23g
    Tread Lite Gear Cuben fiber Coin Card Case Wallet Zip - 4g
    HMG Nano Cuben Fiber Stuff Sack for iPhone
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  6. Enzo

    Enzo Thru Hiker

    Ah inov8 roc lite 295, my favourite summer shoes. Wish they still made them and wish they lasted better!
  7. Brian

    Brian Hiker

    @Enzo I had to modify the roclites with some neoprene glued on to the heel area because they were too thin and I always got sores on my heels. After the mod they have been fine and they are still going strong. They just look a little worn.
  8. JonB

    JonB Ultralighter

    Great to see you here Brian. Have been following your blog more closely now that I have moved down to Malmö. Hoping to do some trekking on Skåneleden this spring and your blog has lots of good information :)
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  9. Brian

    Brian Hiker

    @JonB Thanks Jon. Wow, your not far from me in Copenhagen then. Might see you on Skåneleden some time. Is the move to Malmö permanent? Great you can use the info from my blog. I was also excited to read about your Tramplite shelter. It's a bit of a shame that they are difficult to purchase.

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